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Seth Godin and the power of sync

by Dan Cruver Published Jun 11, 2013

The power of sync - Seth Godin

While rediscovering Seth Godin’s 2010 blog post, “The power of sync,” I again thought about its relevance to gatherings like our upcoming national conference in Louisville. Why have hundreds of people gather together to explore the grand Story of Redemption for the sake of the fatherless? Because nothing creates sync like the power of God — the Gospel!

Check out Seth Godin’s brief post. While reading it, think about its implications for our conference’s October 4-5 gathering at Southern Seminary. Imagine the impact 100s of people can have upon the global orphan crisis when they are synced together by their growing understanding of the Bible’s Story of Redemption and its implications not only for the why but also for the how they do what they do. Seth writes:

100 people doing something at the same time has far more power than 300 people doing it over time.

We unconsciously amplify the power of coordination when we consider the impact of actions. If there’s a thousand people waiting outside of a store, we instantly believe we’re seeing a phenomenon.

While the internet makes it easier than ever to spread ideas, it makes it far more compelling to coordinate actions.

If everyone in your weekly meeting drops a pencil at precisely 12:03, you’ll notice.

Learn more about our October 4-5 conference in Louisville, KY.

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