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Registration Opens Soon! T4A NatCon 2013

by Dan Cruver Published May 25, 2013

Registration for our October 4-5 National Conference in Louisville, KY at Southern Seminary opens soon! Once it opens, make sure to take advantage of our $79 early bird special…

According to Christianity Today and national orphan care leaders like Jedd Medefind, Together for Adoption is the “theological engine” of the evangelical orphan care and adoption movement.

Together for Adoption has consistently led the way in telling God’s story of Adoption for a broken world. While lowercase adoption” refers to the practice of families adopting children, uppercaseAdoption” refers to God’s mission of Adoption within redemptive-history “to unite all things in [Jesus Christ], things in heaven and things on earth” (Ephesians 1:5, 10).

As we at Together for Adoption like to put it: “Adoption is God’s redemptive activity within the world to reconcilerestore, and renew all creation.” God’s Story of Adoption is an opportunity for God’s people to live intentionally within the Story He’s writing, the climax of which is the Day He makes all things new. This is the Story that changes everything—for us and the fatherless.

General Session Topics

The Story Gone Wrong (Mike Reeves, author of Delighting in the Trinity)
Stories of the Fatherless (Dr. Sharen Ford, Manager of Colorado State’s Permanency Services Unit)
The Story Re-Written (Dan Cruver)
Our Lives Re-Written (Mike Reeves)
Stories of the Fatherless Re-Written (Vermon Pierre)
When Everything Sad Comes Untrue (Scotty Smith)

We are really looking forward to having you join us October 4-5 as we explore The Story that Changes Everything. Don’t forget, registration opens soon!

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