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Do you want your ministry or organization to win a free exhibitor booth at this year’s Together for Adoption National Conference?

Together for Adoption is working hard to bring you our sixth and best conference since it all started in 2008. Let us help you get involved and be there.

What are we working toward?

According to Christianity Today and national orphan care leaders like Jedd Medefind, Together for Adoption is the “theological engine” of the evangelical orphan care and adoption movement.

Together for Adoption has consistently led the way in telling God’s story of Adoption for a broken world. While lowercase adoption” refers to the practice of families adopting children, uppercase “Adoption” refers to God’s mission of Adoption within redemptive-history “to unite all things in [Jesus Christ], things in heaven and things on earth” (Ephesians 1:5, 10).

As we at Together for Adoption like to put it: “Adoption is God’s redemptive activity within the world to reconcilerestore, and renew all creation.” God’s Story of Adoption, then, is an opportunity for God’s people to live intentionally within the Story He is writing, the climax of which is God making all things new for us and the fatherless.

We want to invite you to be better equipped to live in the Story of God!
Join us to learn more about “The Story that Changes Everything — for Us and the Fatherless.”

Who will be there?

Over 50 of the world’s most respected orphan prevention, orphan care, foster care, and adoption organizations are joining us to share their strategies and expertise with you—and T4A attendees will have ample opportunity to meet experts face to face.

World class presenters include Dr. Sharen Ford, Scotty Smith, Mike Reeves, Jason Kovacs, Vermon Pierre, Dr. Susan Hillis, Noel Piper, Johnny Carr, Elizabeth Styffe, Dr. Gerrit Scott Dawson, Dr. Donna Thoennes, Herbie Newell, Andy Lehman, Carolyn Twietmeyer, Dr. Randy Stinson, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, Daniel LaBry, David Wooten, Paul Golden, Karla Marie Williams, David Henry, Bruce Kendrick, Joe Gerber, Dr. Jon Bergeron, Dr. Karen Hutchinson, Scott Vair, Kathy Davis, Kim de Blecourt, Kristin Wong, Laura Beauvais-Godwin, Rhonda Littleton, Lisa Prather, Melissa Peduzzi, Nemili Johnson, Rich Metcalfe, Shelly Roberts and Attorneys: Sam McLure and Trey Ingram, just to mention a few!

There will be 50+ breakout sessions telling the smaller stories of adoption and orphan care efforts spread over 2 days. Find them listed in these 8 tracks: “Stories about Beginning the Adoption Journey (Pre­-Adoption)” – “Stories from Experienced Adoptive Families (Post-Adoption)” – “Stories from Experienced Adoptive Families with Special Needs” – “Stories about Foster Care within Families” – “Stories from Experienced Organizations on the Orphan Crisis” – “Stories about Financing your Adoption Journey” – “Stories about Developing Ministries for Adoption/Orphan Care Movement” – “Stories about God’s Work through the Theology of Adoption.”

How can your organization win one of the three free exhibitor booths?

We have three free exhibitor booths available at the conference, valued at $900 each (our basic exhibitor package plus a little extra!). In addition, your free booth will give you the opportunity to enjoy exposure to the 900-1,100 movers and shakers attending the conference onsite!

How to win

Video Commercial Entry

  1. Create a 30 to 60 second in which one of your organization’s team members tells everyone why your ministry wants be a key part of the one-of-a-kind Together for Adoption National Conference. Videos must be sent to via a dropbox folder so that we may upload it to both our YouTube and Vimeo channels.
  2. Ask friends of your organization to embed the video on their blogs/websites for maximum viewing. If you hope your video just might go viral, make a creative video! Have those who embed the video on their own blogs/websites email with the URL of their video. Include “Video Commercial Entry” in email “Subject” box. How does your video earn your organization points? (1) For every website/blog (other than your organization’s) that embed’s the video, your organization gets a point. (2) Your organization gets another point for every 50 times your video is viewed.
  3. Simply tweet twice daily what you see below to help us spread the word about the conference (make sure you use the hashtag):

    We want [organization's name] to win an exhibitor booth to @t4aCon 2013 #T4A2013EXPO

*Please send your video to whichever way works best for you (i.e., dropbox folder, etc) so that we may upload it to both our T4A YouTube and Vimeo sites.

What you need to know:

  1. The deadline is Monday, July 29, 2013, and the three winners will be announced shortly thereafter.
  2. If you’ve already purchased an exhibitor package, no worries. If you win, we’ll give you a full refund.

We look forward to seeing your comments and tweets. Good luck!

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