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What if I told you there was an easy way to better steward your God-given money without having to change your spending habits? Doing it would be a no-brainer, wouldn’t it? Well, Pure Charity has provided us all with an easy way to do just that with the money God gives us. Pure Charity has developed a brilliant way to harness what you’re already spending online and put it to use for the good of people in need.

Before I tell you how to leverage your money for good without spending more,  watch this Pure Charity video. You’ll love what you learn.

Change the world with Pure Charity! from Pure Charity on Vimeo.

Pure Charity is a collaborative online community in which everyone can participate to make the world a better place. With Pure Charity, a portion of your everyday online spending is turned into charitable dollars for you to give to the projects of your choice. And when you refer your friends to Pure Charity and they create an account, your projects will benefit from their spending as well through what Pure Charity calls Viral Generosity. With fully integrated social sharing tools, you can easily tell your friends about Pure Charity to get them to join you in leveraging online spending for the good of others.

If you’d like to start turning a percentage of your spending into giving, here’s what you do:

1. Click this link to go to the T4A/Pure Charity page. Once there, you can sign-up simply by clicking the Facebook icon. It’s that easy.

2. After you sign-up, click on the “Rewards” icon, find “Install Browser Plugin” (pictured to the right), and click on it. Then simply follow the instructions. This will make it so the Pure Charity icon pops up whenever you’re browsing particular stores online (, Target, Walmart, Priceline, Gap, and many others). If you purchase via the pop up, a percentage of your sales will feed into your charitable giving account.

3. Register your main credit card with Pure Charity. Once you register your credit car, very time you use it at one of Pure Charity’s participating merchants, a percentage of your purchase goes directly into your giving account.

4. Browse the projects (there are many) that you could potentially fund. You can choose projects listed on the T4A/Pure Charity page or click on the “Discover” icon to explore many other Pure Charity projects. There are a ton of great ones!

5. Share Pure Charity with friends! Use the buttons and widgets that Pure Charity provides to generate interest in causes you’re passionate about.

Will you join us in making Viral Generosity a reality? Making a difference has never been easier!

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