Providing gospel-centered resources to mobilize the church for global orphan care.


Our Primary Purpose

by Dave Cruver Published Nov 27, 2012

Social injustice can be nigh to impossible to quantify because wrong relationships are at its core. Children are deprived of their relationship with their fathers or mothers, whether by willful neglect or situations out of their parents’ control.

No one person can handle orphan care alone, the amount of vulnerable children is too high for one person, one church, or even one nation to tackle by itself.

Fortunately, many people and organizations are taking up the baton and trying to live out passages like Isaiah 1:17, “learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” Just look at our sidebar for a small list of ministries involved in this huge endeavor.

This is why Together for Adoption exists: to provide gospel-centered resources to mobilize the church for global orphan care.

We help motivate everyone who is already loving mercy, seeking justice, and correcting oppression in the world.

We share the news that The Gospel is for Real Life and the Trinity has extreme relevance for daily living. We exist to motivate and mobilize people by proclaiming:

If our primary purpose in church is outreach and mercy and justice, we’ll end up exhausted. Only Jesus gives rest. If we will put him first and come to him first, we’ll be renewed for endless mission.

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