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by Dan Cruver Published May 26, 2009


Ryan Scott Bomberger’s birthmother was raped in 1970. He “should have been aborted.” But Ryan was born and adopted by the Bomberger family in 1971. Ryan Scott writes:

I am one of those “unwanted” children.

I am the one that the abortion movement preaches will never live a happy life.

I am the one whose future would be marked with hardship and despair.

I am, according to the tenets of the pro-abortion faith, a mistake and should’ve been aborted.

I am the .3 percent that defined Roe. v. Wade.

Visit Ryan’s website and watch/listen to the following:

There’s lots of Jesus in Ryan’s song “Meant To Be.”

  • Brittnie Wilbanks

    Loved this! Thanks for sharing!
    I was “unwanted” as well and was saved by adoption!

    Thank you LORD!


  • RileyDad

    I couldn’t get all the videos to load, but what I saw/ read was really good. Lays the axe to the root of the pro-abortion worldview,

    Les Riley

  • Nowayamileavingmyactualemail

    I too am one of those who should have been aborted. Teenage impoverished mother, father nowhere to be found. I too could have been the one in the video.

    Society persuaded my mother to have me and not adopt me out. The resulting resentment of my existence has caused great psychological damage to both her her and I. I grew up as a shadow, a plain ‘mistake,’ and knowing full and well her young life would have been easier, richer, and less traumatic had I not been a factor. This resentment has caused my own severe depression and made me nearly suicidal all my young years.

    As a believer in God, I would like to think that my soul would have been destined elsewhere. Now, I am successful, and leaving a full life, but only after years of extensive therapy to deal with the issues instilled on being that unwanted child. To think that EVERY child will grow up happily with a mom who has ‘changed her mind’ about abortion, or will be given up for adoption after being carried to term is pure ignorance. Some will, most will not, and many like me will too grow up in the shadows of psychological resentment, poverty, and despair.

    Pushing your own idealized scenarios blanketed in such gross ignorance only causes more harm to families.

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