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Want T4A to speak at your church or group?

by Dan Cruver Published Jul 25, 2008

If your church or group is interested in having someone from Together for Adoption present a compelling case and vision for gospel-centered orphan care and adoption, please contact us: dan.cruver (at) Togetherforadoption (dot) org or jason (at) abbafund (dot) org

Topics that Dan Cruver can address:

Adoption and the Grand Story of Redemption
Adoption and the Renewal of All Things
Caring for Orphans and The Trinity’s Passion for Adoption
Gospel-Centered Look at Transethnic Adoption
The Christian’s Adoption-Identity
The Good News of Adoption
The Gospel-Centered Call to Care for Orphans (James 1:27)
“Think Vertically! Act Horizontally!”

Topics that Jason Kovacs can address:

Glorifying the Father of the Fatherless
Financing Adoption 101
How to Start an Adoption and Orphan Care Ministry In Your Church
Stewarding God’s Resources for the Sake of the Orphan
Adoption and Abortion in America
Adoption: The Apex of the Gospel
The Gospel and Transracial Adoption
Considering Adoption: How to Know Adoption is Right for You

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