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Over the next month, I will be blogging about why the T4A National Conference is for all types of people in all stages of life. My first post is to try to convince those of you who will not or cannot adopt a child to join us in Atlanta!

Together for Adoption’s exists for much, much more then the adoption of orphans. Of course, we care deeply about seeing orphans placed in forever families. Families who have adopted or are adopting tend to be the crowd that our national conference attracts; however, we have worked hard to develop an incredible conference that will be relevant to many outside the adoption world.

We know that the global orphan crisis is in the millions. We know that right in our own communities there are too many children going to bed without a home.  I could quote statistics, write out numbers in the millions…but those numbers would overwhelm you. The reality is, our world is full of fatherless and motherless children and adoption will not solve that problem.

Adoption will not solve the global orphan crisis. Let me just say that one more time… Adoption will not, will not solve the global orphan crisis.

You will never hear us say that the church should adopt less, and we will encourage more Christians to adopt, but we have no problem saying that adoption cannot and will not solve the global orphan crisis.

The truth that adoption will not solve the global orphan crisis is one reason we want to highlight other ways to care for orphans, but it is not our primary reason.  Our primary reason is that Together for Adoption exists to take you deeper in your understanding of God’s adoption of Christians.  First, we dig into the word in order to understand how & why we became a part of God’s family. Next, we look at all the many ways that can play out in orphan care. If our only implication of God’s adoptive work was adopting orphans, then we would have a very small view of God’s work. We see countless implications in God’s adoption of believers, are overwhelmed by the wonderful implications for the broken world we live in, and are eager to share them with you.

So, if you know that adoption is not something you are called to, interested in, in the position to do, whatever…. Please don’t stay home so that you can avoid that guilty feeling when you see the pictures and hear the stories. Join us! We have room, lots of room, at the table just for you. In fact, we promise we won’t even try to encourage you to change your mind on adoption. We don’t need to do that because the global orphan crisis needs workers who will be involved in ways besides adoption.

Some of us will be called not to adopt, but instead to put that time, energy, and resources into helping children out of orphanages and reconnect with their bio aunts, grandparents, or older siblings. Some of us will be led to help support indigenous foster care and adoption movements happening overseas. Some of us will work to pass laws that make it easier for children to be placed in permanent homes, or will provide more resources and support for bio families in foster care so that they can have a greater chance of reconciling with their children. Some of us will be involved in preventing more children from becoming orphans. Maybe you are one of those people….maybe you have no idea what God is leading you to do, but you are willing to do something…if so, register today!

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