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Constructive dissenting opinions can be very helpful because they provide opportunities for those on different sides of a discussion to think more clearly and critically about the issue being discussed. When a movement experiences the kind of exponential growth that the evangelical orphan care and adoption movement has over the past 5-7 years, constructive dialogue is absolutely essential to its ongoing health.

In its most recent issue, the Journal for Christian Legal Thought has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue about the theological foundations of the evangelical orphan care and adoption movement and its implications for practice. This Journal issue contains strong disagreements that I hope will result in the strengthening of the evangelical orphan care and adoption movement. The articles within this issue need to be widely read and discussed for the sake of orphaned and vulnerable children all over the world.

You may read this issue online and/or download it as a PDF file for free. Jedd Medefind’s article begins on page 9. Mine begins on page 11.

*The Journal for Christian Legal Thought is published by The Institute for Christian Legal Studies, a Cooperative Ministry of The Christian Legal Society and Regent University School of Law.

  • MaraR

    Anyone who profits from the sale and redistribution of children, or profits from the promotion of the sale and redistribution of children is not obeying God, but greed instead.

  • Wendy McMahan

    Thanks for posting this, Dan, and for contributing to it. I found all of the articles to be enlightening. This is an important dialogue for Christians to have as the orphan care movement continues to accelerate.

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