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T4A Boot Camp Update

by Dan Cruver Published Mar 3, 2012

Our April 20-21 Together for Adoption Boot Camp is just around the corner. Of the 50 seats available, only 16 remain. So, if you wish to be one of the 50 people who participate in our first T4A Boot Camp, register soon (registration is free!).

The Together for Adoption Boot Camp is an intensive two-day event designed for Christians and ministry leaders who desire to journey further into the transformative theology of adoption (i.e. God’s work of adoption within redemptive-history). You will spend valuable time with Together for Adoption’s leaders, be taught by other pastors/theologians, and have the opportunity to learn from respected leaders from orphan prevention, adoption, global orphan and foster care organizations. Our boot camp sessions will equip you with a robust theology of adoption and, if you choose, certify you to organize and lead Together for Adoption House Conferences in your area of the country.

Our first boot camp will be held at Downtown Presbyterian Church in beautiful Downtown Greenville, South Carolina (watch the video below for an inside look at Downtown Greenville). Learn more about our T4A Boot Camps.

The purpose of our boot camp is to provide gospel-centered teaching that magnifies the adopting grace of God the Father in Christ Jesus and mobilizes the church for global orphan care. This boot camp will equip you with an enriching theology of Adoption and with its implications for practicing the church’s calling of visiting orphans in their affliction.

You will spend two full days exploring God’s story of Adoption, which tells us that Jesus stepped into our messed up stories of estrangement and waywardness and has graciously rewritten them. The story of Adoption is that Jesus lived for us and in our place as the True Son become man in order to recreate our stories and transform them into his Story. This is the Story that the Gospel tells us each day and the Story that we, in turn, are to tell ourselves and each other every day. Our adoption in Christ has the power to empower us for daily Christian living and to mobilize us for orphan care.  See schedule and boot camp format.

There is no registration fee to participate in a Together for Adoption Boot Camp, although you are responsible for all of your travel, lodging and meal expenses.

Registration is limited to fifty people. Early registration is recommended. Register now. Don’t forget: registration is free!

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