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T4A Australia and T4A Chicago

by Dan Cruver Published Nov 15, 2011

Here I sit in Melbourne, Australia amazed that the first Together for Adoption Australia conference is just a few days away. My plane landed in Melbourne several hours ago (Please don’t ask me what time it is. When I look at a clock…it tells me one thing but my body tells me another…) and I am so grateful to be Down Under. So grateful to play a small role in what God is doing down here through The Babes Project. What a wonderful and humble team they are.

While sitting here trying to catch up on my email, I opened one from Jason Kovacs that contained pictures from Together for Adoption Chicago (pictures below), which was held this last November 12th. Can’t say how amazed we are at how God the Father is spreading an interest in and passion for the theology of Adoption and its implications for orphan care and horizontal adoption. Please continue to pray that the good news of our adoption in Christ will continue to win hearts, inform minds and transform the way we care for orphaned and vulnerable children.

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