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T4A Australia is almost here!

by Dan Cruver Published Nov 1, 2011

Along with the wonderful Project Hopeful team, I leave November 13th for Melbourne, Australia for the first Together for Adoption Australia Conference to be held November 18-19. Over the past few months I’ve been asked why we are holding a T4A conference in Australia. My short answer is that Scripture’s teaching on God’s work of adoption (Ephesians 1:4-5; Romans 9:4; Galatians 4:4-6; Romans 8:15 and 23) sends out lines of implications that penetrate the boundaries of every continent and country on the globe.

As a matter of fact, vertical adoption (i.e., God’s breaking into human history to accomplish his mission of adoption; see Galatians 4:4-6) is bigger than the universe itself. It begins with the Communion of Love that the Triune God has forever enjoyed in His own being and climaxes with God renewing the heavens and the earth (Romans 8:20-23) where the Father’s multi-ethnic children will forever participate in the Trinity’s love. The good news of our adoption is that through Jesus Christ the Triune God has enlarged the eternal circle of communion to include us, those who entered this world without hope and home (Ephesians 2:12-13), and will one day renew the earth, making it our eternal home.

That good news has profound implications for how we as Christians care for our society’s most needy, whether they live inside or outside the womb. Together for Adoption has the wonderful privilege of partnering with The Babes Project to explore Scripture’s teaching on our adoption by God and its implications for caring for the fatherless and at-risk children in whichever continent or country they are found. We believe that exploring a subject like this with other Christians is worth traveling across the globe for. This not only accounts for why Together for Adoption is going to Australia but also why we are excited to do so. So, would you pray for us over the next couple weeks? We are eager to see some of what God is up to Down Under for the sake of the fatherless and other at-risk children.

Check out the T4A Australia promo video. The Babes Project did a great job putting this video together.

Follow the @t4aAustralia twitter account to track what’s going on with T4A Down Under.

  • Kim de Blecourt

    Covering your trip in prayer, Dan and Carolyn.

  • Dan Cruver

    Thanks so much, Kim. Really appreciate it.

  • Kelly

    Will be praying. Would love to be there with you all. Blessings.

  • Whitney

    Great video! Praying for Australia to accept the message.

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  • Linda Stanger

    I honor the work you are doing regarding adopting children from other countries. However, I’m a little confused about why you aren’t working to get the 200,000 plus kids in this country adopted. 30,000 of those kids age out every year with no family, no place to call home, no where to go for the holidays, no one to call when they get their first job, no faith in human connections etc. Many were removed from biological homes because of poor living conditions (neglect, poverty, malnutrition, abuse – just like kids in other countries). While the States now provide the physical basics in life, these are people whose souls and spirits are adrift with no anchor. Shouldn’t we take care of these kids first? (By the way, there is no financial cost associated with bringing these kids home). What do you think?

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