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Many of us left the Together for Adoption conference this weekend and went back home encouraged, moved, and changed.

What now? Do we go back to life as “normal”?

Some of us will start to pursue raising funds to adopt a child, others are beginning classes to become foster parents, and others will be starting an orphan ministry at their church. But what about the rest of us? How can we actually be a part of this? I have a challenge that I would LOVE you to accept.

After a weekend packed with wonderful teaching about the theology of our adoption by God and looking at the reality of the orphan crisis… how do you feel? Challenged? Overwhelmed? Excited?

If you are anything like me, you are experiencing all of those emotions. I woke up with a heavy heart this morning as I tried to wrap my mind around 147 million children spending today without a family, without a mother. The Together for Adoption Conference stirred a fire within me to bring this message to more believers.

I think sometimes the reality of the great orphan crisis seems too overwhelming to tackle, but meeting families from all over the country who care about the orphan and care about Jesus gave me hope. I was encouraged to meet families who are not adopting, but are caring for the orphan. I was surprised to meet singles, young and old, who are giving their life to care for the orphan, but not currently pursuing adoption.

The Together for Adoption conference attracts orphan advocates…as it should. But the message of the believer’s adoption by God is a gospel message that needs to be heard by the entire church, not just orphan advocates. My goal this year is to bring at least 2 families from our church to the 2012 conference who are not considering adoption. Here’s why:

First, I want more believers to live within the reality of their adoption by God. It matters for every aspect of our Christian walk. Second, the orphan crisis will be helped by more families adopting, but not solved. Believers need to become passionate about the orphan issue instead of staying away out of guilt from not wanting to adopt.

So would you join me in getting the message of God’s adoption out to people who are not currently orphan advocates? Here are 3 ways you can commit to do that over this year.

#1) Find (at least) 2 people to come with you to the 2012 conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Start talking to them now about it.

#2) Commit to leading a study of Reclaiming Adoption within your church, home group, or mens/ womens Bible study within the next 6 months

#3) Gather a group of at least 3 people (not including yourself or family) to raise $5000 for someone who wants to adopt within your church or for orphan care. The 3 people you pick cannot currently be involved in orphan care (the idea is to get people involved who aren’t currently).

I would love for 50 people to accept one of the above challenges. I will be doing all 3 and blogging about it here. I would love if you keep in touch with me about how it is going and I am happy to offer ideas/help any time.

If you accept one of these challenges then leave a comment on here and I will enter you in for a drawing for 12 copies of Reclaiming Adoption study guides/books OR free conference admission for you and your spouse for 2012 (depending on which challenge you pick).

  • Candi

    We are committing to number two.

    Candi Durbin

  • Jo Anna

    Great post, great ideas. Now to pray about it and act on it…

  • Darnell ThatdudeCooper

    I’m gonna raise $5000 and I haven’t been involved in orphan care yet. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  • Nene

    I am committing to getting 2 couples from our church to come to the Conference in 2012 with us!

  • Mollie W.

    I am committing to leading a small group for Reclaiming Adoption.

  • Gray L.

    We are committing to inviting some of our close friends to T4A 2012 in Greenville, including some of our best friends that live less than 20 minutes from downtown!

  • Gray L.

    We are committing to inviting some of our close friends to T4A 2012 in Greenville, including some of our best friends that live less than 20 minutes from downtown!

  • Lauren Rogers

    I am committing to at least #1 and am praying about ways to carry out the other two.

  • Christina Lang

    My Husband and I are committing to #2. We had discussed it before the conference, but now we know that this is something God is calling us to do. We are in the middle of an out-of-state move, but we have already contacted our new church to talk about an adoption ministry (they do not have one yet). We will be meeting with their mercy pastor once we get settled and our first plan will be to host a small group to go through Reclaiming Adoption.

  • Kiara

    We’ll be praying about these challenges! :)

    Lauren — I love that you mentioned this! That was my deal-breaker question when Andy and I were dating. Discussing this, and praying about it together, made for an incredible start to our marriage when God used it to cause him to think for the first time about what it means to be pro-life and live out being available for babies who then need loving homes. I really encourage you to talk to others about this. It can be life-changing for the family that walks this path, and of course for the children God brings into our homes, too. :)


    so great, Denae. Love the fundraising idea! Thank you! :)

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