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Every Orphan’s Hope is Jesus Christ

by Jason Kovacs Published Oct 20, 2011

That is how Every Orphans Hope, captures their mission.

They describe on their site -

“We are called to address the overwhelming impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic first by bringing the life-giving truth of Jesus Christ into the lives of orphans who have lost everything.

Once these children know Jesus Christ, the impossible becomes possible. Through hope in Jesus Christ they regain the power to hope for a different life, an abundant life – for a childhood, a family, a home, good health, an education, and a future. Because Every Orphan’s Hope is not a business, but a calling, we are charged with the responsibility of making every resource we are given yield not just material value, but faith, hope, truth and love.  This is why we offer different ministries and look into each heart to try and match individual callings with the right opportunity to share Jesus Christ’s love in the world.”
Every Orphans Hope desires to match your calling to care for orphans with the right opportunity to share Christ’s transforming love with orphans who’ve lost everything. Click here to learn about how you can partner with them.

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