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At 69 years of age, Mzee Miriti struggles to care for his three grandchildren by himself. Finding adequate water, food and clothing are daily struggles for this family.

Food for the Hungry recognizes the importance of the community members serving and working together to solve their own problems. They are learning that serving others is a gift everyone can give. FH even encourages orphans, like Mzee Miriti’s own grandchildren, to serve their neighbors. Even those that appear to have little can give much out of the abundance of their hearts!

In this same spirit, a group of Sunday school teachers and orphans realized that they needed to take action to help the older caregivers living amongst them. A group of FH staff, orphans and volunteers visited Mzee Miriti and prayed with him. They also helped in cleaning his homestead. They gave him some food, clothes, water, and firewood that they had gathered from the local church and community.

Mzee Mriti laughs and says, “I am very excited. I feel young again. God is my witness that not even my own children have provided for me like these neighbors of mine! May God bless you!”

Food for the Hungry is responding to the needs of those affected and infected by HIV in six African countries and Haiti. To learn more about how you can partner with FH and their ministry to those affected by HIV click here.

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