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Strong Help for Your Daily Battles

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 27, 2011

Need a good reason to attend our October 21-22 conference in Phoenix? The daily battles we fight as Christians are the result of temptations to live within the smaller stories we are so prone to tell ourselves. These smaller stories are tales that are driven along by gospel-less plots, and they are demonic and demoralizing.

“God really isn’t pleased with me.”

“God really doesn’t delight in me.”

“God is most often waiting for me to mess up so that He can ‘let me have it.’”

“God doesn’t like me. He merely tolerates me.”

If you are like me, these are plot-driven stories that you are tempted to rehearse often, if not every day.

The Focus of Our October 21-22 Conference in Phoenix: But God has given us good news, heart-winning and life-transforming news! The story of our adoption in Christ is the true story that God himself tells. The plot of God’s heart-winning story drives the entire story of human history. God’s grand story of adoption tells us that Jesus stepped into our messed up stories of estrangement and waywardness and has graciously and wonderfully rewritten them. The story of adoption is that Jesus has lived for us and in our place as the True Son of God’s love in human flesh in order to recreate our stories and transform them into his Story of love. This is the Story that the Gospel tells us each day and the Story that we, in turn, are to tell ourselves and each other every day.

Christians who consciously live each day in the sunshine and beauty of that story are people who increasingly practice true religion with joy. So, our primary objective in our upcoming conference is to provide you with two full days of the heart-winning news of God’s Story. Nothing can mobilize Christians to care for orphans out of joy like the Gospel can. Nothing.

Learn more about Together for Adoption Conference 2011 in Phoenix.

We are also offering two excellent pre-conference events (Thursday, October 20):

Gospel-Rich Encouragement for Adoptive and Pre-Adoptive Moms
Missional Church, Missional God, Missional Story

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