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Free Book Giveaway: Gospel-Centered Life

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 5, 2011

The Good Book Company (one of our conference exhibitors) is graciously partnering with us to do three book-giveaways over the next several weeks. If you enjoy reading and are always on the lookout for gospel-saturated books, this is a giveaway in which you’ll want to participate. The Good Book Company has a ton of gospel-saturated books. I’ll explain how to enter this first giveaway at the end of this post.

Our first giveaway contest is for the book Gospel-Centered Life by Tim Chester (a T4A keynote speaker) and Steve Timmis. You can read the first two chapters of the book online. Gospel-Centered Life will help you discover how, in the gospel, everyday problems and experiences can be transformed. The Good Book Company is giving away 15 copies of this excellent book.

Here’s how to have a chance to get one of the 15 copies.

  1. Comment below, sharing a truth about your adoption in Christ that you have found to be especially enouraging or a question you have about God’s adoption of us. Please provide your email address at the end of your comment, too. If you comment on this post, I’ll assume that you either have or will Tweet about the conference three times.
  2. Tweet (or a Facebook status update) three times about our October 21-22 conference in Phoenix within a 48 hour period. Be creative with your tweets, too.
  3. Like The Good Book Company’s Facebook page and Together for Adoption’s.

You have through midnight Saturday (September 10) to enter. I’ll announce the 15 winners next Monday.

  • Allen Crum

    sounds like a great book, love to give it a read

  • Mathew Sims

    When I think of my adoption I think of Jesus praying for those who would believe that they be one with him and the Father.

    I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me. The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me. Father, I desire that they also, whom you have given me, may be with me where I am, to see my glory that you have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world. (John 17:20-24)

    For me it’s been a struggle. I’ve often felt out of place and let despair ruin the immense joy that is mine in Christ. To be one with the Father & Christ, to be able to cry out “Daddy” in my time of need has always comforted me. I’ve also gladly accepted the loving discipline of my Father (Heb 12:6). I’ve learned over the years to find rest in my adoption into the family of God, to feel secure in Christ. God’s has poured out his grace on my life and has been patient with me. I know he’s used having children and understanding more clearly the love of a father for his children to teach me lesson my heart found hard to learn. I rejoice in being called a son and brother with Christ. I find security in my identity as a son. I look to the day where I may see him face to face.

  • Becky Wagner Bilby

    I liked the Good Book Company’s Facebook page and Together for Adoption’s Page.

  • Becky Wagner Bilby

    I tweeted as well – BeckyB16

  • Becky Wagner Bilby

    I love it that we are no “blood” relation but have been given the status of a son or daughter and all the rights that go with that – what a blessing!!

  • Brian Mann

    Would love to win this book!

  • Melanie Grant

    Would love to read this book. I think any material that grows us in Christ and understanding our sonship and adoption just has to be a winner!

  • Lizburton43

    The experience of being an adoptive parent has really shown me a lot about God’s love for us. But one main thing that stick out to me is how, just as our adopted children are no more or less “special” as a biological child. And similar with God, no child of his is more or less special in his eyes. He cares about our needs and desires as an individual. Our spot in God’s “Family” is not based on acts, obedience, or even if we return the love…He still loves us as much as anyone else.

    I will facebook status about the conference – and have already “liked” Together for Adoption and The Good Book Company’s facebook pages!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!

  • Mike

    I would love to win this book! I adopted two girls, so adoption is close to my heart. My kids are at an age where they are question their identity. “What happened to my real dad?” Many question like that. I have tried to share how God has adopted us and how special that makes us! I’ve liked, tweeted, posted. lol. Thanks!

  • Renee’

    Eph 1;1-14 Who I am in Him, because of Him. Who I was before is forgotten, thrown out, and now, as His adopted child, when God sees me He sees a new creature. He sees a beloved child, chosen to be holy and without blame before Him. ME! of all people!! its just almost too much to believe. =)

  • Michael Whitcomb

    Romans 8 – I have the privilege of calling God, “Daddy” (Abba) because of His adopting me into His family. It is both personal and humbling.

  • Nick Horton

    A truth that hits me is that, Jesus was adopted. I knew it on some level but never really considered it fully. My savior was an adopted son. He is only a son of David by nature of adoption.

    And so, my wife and I seek to adopt a child from Ethiopia, our application was placed days ago. Somewhere out there is my son or daughter, waiting to come home and be of my family.

  • Shavau1234

    The adoption of our son has brought to such full light, my adoption in Christ. The old way is gone and the new is given. I try to teach my toddler that he no longer needs to depend on himself but depend upon me as his parent to care for him. I know each day my Heavenly Father is saying the same [only His way is perfect - mine, not so much :) ].

  • Chris Quinto

    Being adopted into the family of God sets apart Chrsitianity from other religions and that is so encouraging. To think that after my adoption, my new birth, I am now a co-heir with Christ. I am a son of god, that is a great thing and a wonderful feeling.

  • Jennifer Strange

    My adoption in Christ is soul-settling for me: to think I have a perfect heavenly Father and definition-of-good elder Brother makes all the worries and fears of this world settle down in my heart. After all, these aren’t merely comforting metaphors: they’re real legal truths, that I have in the Trinity a Father and Brother who do not fail.

    The reality of my adoption does not, of course, make my fears and worries disappear, nor does it make me care less about them. Rather, it makes me care differently about them–not controlled by my fears but confident that my Father understands and proactively cares far better than I could. So the reality of my adoption makes me cry out with my Brother, according to the Spirit who dwells in me through that spiritual adoption, “Abba! Father!” for all those worries and fears, with complete confidence that my heavenly adoptive family can and will take care of all that business better than I could or would.

  • Diana

    Our adoption of 3 children over the last several years is so humbling when I think about my adoption by Christ. We can’t wait to see when God brings us our next child!

  • Smgbelieve

    The aspect of my adoption into God’s family that is the most encouraging is that once He adopts you, He’ll never leave you or forsake. Once it happens, it’s a done deal for all eternity. That’s the most encouraging – that no matter how badly I screw up, that I’m still part of His family, that His love is unconditional, and that His discipline is only the result of His love for me.

    My email address is

  • Lindseycrock

    My truth is that I can NEVER go back to the way I was. I am a new being in Christ and that is the best thing I can ever imagine!! :)

  • Lindseycrock

    I like the Good Book Company and Together for Adoption on FB. Lindsey Crockett

  • Miscnonsense

    I love the fact that we are adopted not only as children of God, but as sons of God – i.e. we have the rights of the firstborn and are made heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ (please don’t misunderstand this as a sexist comment).

    PS Don’t like the idea of putting my email address out there for everyone. I’ve given my alternative email.

  • Mkraudy

    My daughter’s adoption has revealed a lot to me about our adoption in Christ–particularly what it means to learn to live as part of the Body.

  • Jessica Carpenter

    My husband and I always thought we were supposed to adopt at some point. However, 3 months ago, God showed us that this is much more to this than just adopting a child. So, after reading Reclaiming Adoption and becoming aware of so much more of how adoption can point us to the Cross, to who our God is, to who we are, to the redemption story, to our inheritance at night. My head is truly still spinning and suddenly I am seeing the Gospel with fresh eyes after knowing Jesus since my child hood.
    I have liked Together & The Good Book and I can’t stop tweeting about y’all! I can’t wait to be there!

  • Jess Carpenter

    Oops, I forgot my email address to that post:

  • Melissa

    I had been tossing and turning about entering the adoption process for a while and then one day at a stop sign, I saw a marquee at a local church that said ‘Leap first then pray for wings.’ That was the inspiration I needed. That day I mailed in my initial $250 application fee and never looked back. At a church sermon while in the midst of changing countries, thinking hope was lost, etc. my pastor talked about being guided by your faith and not your fear… that picked me up and gave me optimism throughout the process.
    Melissa S.

  • kathleen

    It’s neat to think that God chose us- even after knowing every thing we’d ever do- and loves us anyway.

  • Jay Wise

    I have learned that my adoption as God’s child is the basis for my assurance that He will save me in body, soul, and mind, both for this life and for eternity to come. Jay Wise, Assistant Pastor, First Wesleyan Church, Chillicothe, OH. jay dot wise at com

  • Tiff

    It is so beautiful that our adoptions give us new identity in Christ. When we finalized our daughters adoption and received her new birth certificate in the mail, I wept with gratitude! She had a new name, a new family, a new identity.

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