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That’s a question I am occasionally asked when people see the T4A speaker lineup, and it’s a question I love to be asked, too. “What qualifies a person to advocate for orphans in a public setting?” is how the question is usually asked.

My standard answer is, “Well, he/she is a Christian. God has called Christians to care for, pray for, advocate for orphans because Christians are the ones that God has qualified and called to do so. If that is where God starts when considering whom He will raise up to be a voice for the fatherless, I believe that’s where I should start.

That’s not to say that that every Christian is immediately ready to take a lead in orphan care advocacy. It does mean, however, that we should not unwittingly conclude that they do not yet have the appropriate resume to engage in orphan advocacy. The last thing we wish to do is create an elitist group of orphan advocates (it would be counter-productive at the least).

I know many people who have supported T4A and other orphan care and adoption providers behind the scenes, either through prayer or providing word of mouth about what these ministries do. In so doing they have demonstrated that they actively care for orphans though they have never really interacted with orphaned children directly. It cannot be argued that these individuals do not love or care deeply for these children.

Ultimately, what qualifies them to care for these orphans is that God has adopted them by grace and brought them into His household of faith when they were once without home and hope in this world.

Sure, these Christians need to be educated about the complexity of the global orphan crisis and the challenging international and domestic state of the adoption process. But identifying who is qualified to advocate for orphans, orphan care, and adoption begins with whether they are members of the household of faith, not with whether or not they have traveled oversees to work directly with these children.

That’s why we believe the ministry of Together for Adoption has a key role to play. First, our mission is to deepen the Christian’s understanding both of what it means to be adopted by God in Christ and second of its implications for the global orphan crisis. We believe that if the Church is to be further mobilize to address the global orphan crisis, this must be our long-term approach.

Will you join with us as we see to fulfill this mission? Helping us spread the word goes a long way to assisting us in fulling our mission.

We are very grateful for your partnership with us over the past few years. Thank you!


  • Arthur Costigan

    Reminds me of how we can “live” out our belief that our Savior is all-powerful and all-sufficient.

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