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A Family of Adoptees

by Dennae Pierre Published May 25, 2011

One of the beautiful things about the theology of adoption is that it changes the way we think, speak of, and do “church”.

Being a part of a church community that understands adoption is a life-changing, beautiful thing. It is unlike anything you will ever experience on this earth, because it is a taste of our eternal reality.

If you know and love Jesus, you will spend eternity praising your heavenly Father right along side your fellow co-heirs with Christ. This means that the believers who fill your local church will spend eternity in perfect union with you, as the bride of Christ, partaking of their shared inheritance in Christ. It means every Christian brother and sister that you currently know will be in their glorified bodies, perfectly worshiping your Father.

This truth means that the church family God has placed you in is the most meaningful set of family relationships you will ever have. They are more meaningful then your co-workers who have a lot in common with you, more important then your life-long childhood friends, and more valuable then your biological family. I suspect you will not spend eternity with a bunch of faceless Christians that you never knew on this earth, but I imagine you’ll be shouting out praises to your living God right next to the woman who sat 3 rows back from you 52 Sundays per year.

We can begin this eternal reality right now as we love, serve, admonish and care for the brothers and sisters within our local church. We can deeply love a room full of people who we have nothing in common with because they are our siblings. When they are broken, we can weep with them. When they are happy, we can rejoice with them. When they have a need, we can give. When we have a need, we can ask. When they hurt us, we can forgive them. When we wrong them, we can seek forgiveness. Why? Because were it not for God’s grace, we would be strangers or perhaps even enemies, but because of our salvation through Jesus Christ, we are invited to live a life in deep relationship with our adopted siblings.

If your church struggles with being an authentic community, begin to introduce the theology of adoption. As we allow this beautiful gospel truth to inform the way we “do church” our churches will begin to reflect the heavenly reality that awaits us once we die.

  • Jordan Mogck

    Love it. Thank you.

    Scripture is far from silent on the reality of this family–the family of God. Even in the way God himself is revealed — Father, Son, Spiri — very familial titles are used for the persons of the Trinity. Then you have Jesus saying things like, “I pray that they may be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they may be in us” (Jn 17:21)

    So the gospel is unpacked by employing very familial images: rebirth, adoption, and marriage into the family of the Trinity.

    Then you have the Apostle Paul teaching about church life by saying, “treat older men like fathers, older women like mothers, younger men like brothers, younger women like sisters”.

    You are right on in this post, Dennae! The so-called ‘church family’ is a much bigger deal than is typically taken notice of. It is the very family of God — with Jesus as our perfect Elder Brother who reconciled us to the Father and one another. Thanks!

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