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When Life is Hard: Adoption Matters!

by Dennae Pierre Published Apr 21, 2011

A complaint I often hear when I counsel women is that their life is hard. Sometimes it is in relation to foster care or adoption. Often it is their marriage or their children. Perhaps it is difficulty with their job, their boss, their mother-in-law. Or it could be physical illness, infertility, exhaustion, singleness, business, depression, grief, loss…and I am sure that you can add to the list with many more difficult things.

Life can devastate us. We live in a world full of sin and evil and the weight of our broken world can feel overwhelming. Too often we respond to trials as though we do not deserve them, are surprised by them, or are unable to overcome them. But adoption gives us a different perspective when life is hard.

One of the beautiful pictures that Scripture paints of our God is a loving father who will tenderly care for us during these difficult trials. I can’t fully unpack Psalm 27 in this short blog post, but I encourage you to take the time to read through that passage.

When life is hard, Psalm 27 (along with countless other Psalms!) gives us a way to direct our thoughts. Instead of self-pity, worry, or fear we are to fix our eyes on our Father and be filled praise. Psalm 27 paints a portrait of a loving Father who will take us in, even when our earthly father and mother have cast us off (v.10)! Our Father is described to us as our stronghold, our light, and our salvation (v. 1). We are told that our Father will lift up our head, place us on solid ground, and hide us in his shelter (v 5). What a vast amount of things to be thankful for during times when we are tempted to grumble and complain!

Because of our adoption, our sufferings and trials do not have to be reduced to phrases like “life is hard.” Instead, these times of suffering are opportunities to draw closer to our Father. They are times where our survival depends on worship and praise of our Father for who he is!

Without adoption, hard times in life become meaningless and purposeless. But because of our adoption, we can actually worship God in the midst of trial. These trials reveal our sin, mature our faith, and grow our relationship with our Lord. We can thank the Lord for opportunities to understand and know his grace in rich and deep ways. We can look forward, in faith, knowing that there will be a time when our Father will wipe the last tear from our eyes. We can look inside ourselves and repent of sinful attitudes, desires, and habits that often make life a lot harder then it actually is. Because of our adoption, we can seek after the Lord, we can dwell in our Father’s house, we can gaze upon the beauty of our Lord (v. 4).

Imagine what David’s pain would have looked like in Psalm 27 if there were no hope of redemption, salvation, restoration, or adoption. Thank you Lord for the privilege of being your sons and daughters! Especially when life is hard.

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