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my adoption story

by Dennae Pierre Published Apr 14, 2011

I have been asked many times how I can love my “adopted” children the same as my “biological” child. (side note: There are some problems with that question, but I will leave that for a future post.)

But I cannot answer that question without first reflecting on my own adoption story:

I horribly offended God by disregarding his truth and word.
I committed great offenses as I lived in open rebellion toward him by trying to follow my way instead of God’s.
God is not only the judge who could rightly punish me and pour out his anger and wrath on me. He is also the offended, the victim of my great and vast sin.
God the judge and victim came down off the bench after pardoning my horrible offense that ignited his wrath and instead chose to adopt me—at the expense of his very own “biological” (so to speak) Son —Jesus the Christ.
God’s anger and wrath were poured out on Christ and instead of that being my fate, I get to enjoy the full blessing of being a daughter of God Almighty and a co-heir with Christ.
God did not adopt me because I was a “good” person. He did not adopt me because I’m better than the really evil people in the world. He did not adopt me because I chose the right religion. He adopted me simply because he is God and loved me. All he required of me was faith and faith alone—belief and trust in his son, Jesus.

This is why I believe in adoption: Because I am an eternally adopted child of the creator of the universe.

This is why I can say with full honesty and passion that I am deeply attached to, love, would die for, lose sleep over, pray over, weep over the sin of, and care for all my children equally and the same. How I long for their souls to know my Jesus. How I long for them to experience this same adoption I experienced. How privileged I am to be the mother of such precious children, similar DNA or not.

  • Laura Beauvais-Godwin


    I hope that in another post you will honestly answer how you can and do love your adopted children as you do your bio kids. As offensive as the question is, I believe a lot of people want to know because they may be considering adoption but are asking the same question: “Can I love an adopted child as much as bio child?”

    I remember being on vacation with my family while a junior in high school and met a woman at the pool who had 2 adopted little girls and 5 bio boys. Excuse my youthful indiscretion, but I asked her if she loved her adopted little girls as much as her boys. She said she loved them more! That was nearly 40 years ago, so needless to say that conversation impressed me.

    If we can honestly dialogue about this, then the question and answers can help overcome some PAPs fears.

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