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Welcome Dennae Pierre to the T4A Team

by Dan Cruver Published Apr 9, 2011

Please welcome Dennae Pierre to the T4A team! We are thrilled to serve with her at Together for Adoption for the sake of orphaned and vulnerable children everywhere. If you haven’t yet read her first two posts, let me encourage you to do so now: Adopted and Feeling Like an Orphan, But I’m Not. I also recently had the opportunity to interview Dennae and her husband, Vermon (watch it). Here’s her bio:

Dennae Pierre, Writer

Dennae Pierre is a regular contributor to the T4A blog. She cares deeply about the local church growing in its understanding of gospel-centered theology and has recently enjoyed writing and speaking about adoption.

She is married to Vermon, the pastor of Roosevelt Community Church in downtown Phoenix. There she serves in urban outreach & children’s ministry. She has 3 children, two of which she was blessed to adopt.

Dennae’s background in social work gave her a burden to adopt through the foster care system. Dennae and her husband are licensed foster care parents and currently provide short-term respite care to foster children.

  • erin

    My husband and I are curently living in Lusaka, Zambia caring for the orphaned and vulnerable children of this city. Zambia has over 1million oprhans. We work with a ministry called Family Legacy Missions. THe ministry that we work for does not do adoptions. There are so many children here. It i staggering. We are giving our life to the orphans in this country but I just wonder if it is enough. We have four children and they are small and are hands are full. But I keep thinking of adoption. I wonder if God is leading us there. My husband has not heard from God that is the direction that we are supposed to go but he is not completely against the idea. He says a year ago he would have NEVER thought we would be living in Africa… How do I sort through this? How do I sort through if this is just a burden I am carrying isntead of giving it to the Lord or if God is calling us to more? This country is very hard to adopt from unless you live here and so in that way we have a unique opportunity. What if we were able to adopt a little boy and God raises him into a Godly man that could come back here to this country… Is it selfish that I like how it makes my life a little messy? That is makes us hard to put in a box that we wouldn’t fit the typical american family? I don’t know if any of this makes any sense or not… just hoping you could offer some insight to me on how to move forward in this through prayer or next steps.

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