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T4A House Conference II (Phoenix)

by Dan Cruver Published Mar 28, 2011

If you live in the Phoenix area, you may now register for our March 24th house conference. It’s free! Sign up soon. Only 5 more seats are available.

Together for Adoption’s house conference initiative aims to “bring a T4A conference to a living room near you . . . for free.” Our second house conference is 7:00 PM PST, tonight (Monday), March 28th, in Phoenix, Arizona. We can only accommodate 5 more outside guests for this second house conference. Seats will be reserved for the next 5 who sign up online. Directions to the conference location will be emailed to those who sign up.

Here’s a little information about our house conferences:

Objective: Deliver the theology of adoption (and its implications for orphan care) through face-to-face connections (“theology in your living room”).

Format for tonight’s House Conference: 20-20-20

  • 20 minutes of teaching: The Story Behind the Story of Adoption – Sparking the Conversation
  • 20 minutes of discussion: In-House Interview (with Vermon and Dennae Pierre) – Continuing the Conversation
  • 20 minutes of questions – Expanding the Conversation

Our hope is to use house conference to spark continuing conversations about orphan care that move Christians/churches toward greater collaboration and implementation. Why are these conferences hosted in homes? Because the orphan crisis is something that Christians should grapple with in their living rooms. It should be that personal to us.

Tonight’s House Conference will be video captured and uploaded to our Vimeo channel later this week. Stay tuned.

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