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I got this idea from Tad Thompson, a fellow Cruciform Press author. It’s fascinating (and helpfully instructive) to see which parts of your book touch readers the most. Here are the some of the most popular Reclaiming Adoption highlights by Kindle users:

“To live missionally means to live each waking moment in light of the gospel so that it increasingly affects every part of our lives for the glory of God’s grace in our fallen world.” ~Highlighted by 21 Kindle readers

“Through adoption God graciously brings us to participate in the reciprocal love that ever flows between the Father and his Son. Not only is this the very heart of adoption; it is also the very heart of the gospel.” ~Highlighted by 17 Kindle readers

“Adoption is about the reconciliation of the rebellious. Our confusion comes when we look at human adoption and end up focusing on the fact that a child needs parents. God focuses on the fact that a lost person needs saving.” ~Highlighted by 16 Kindle readers

“Our missional engagement as Christians is not an imitation of Christ and his mission. It is a participation in Christ and his mission.” ~Highlighted by 16 Kindle readers

“Now it is easier to see why the Parable of the Prodigal Sons is truly about adoption. From God’s perspective, adoption is not essentially about orphans at all. It is essentially about estrangement. Adoption is about God taking into his home those who have rebelled against him. All humanity is naturally estranged from God. We are all rebels, all disobedient sons, for we are all made in his image and created to worship him, yet we have rejected him—as did Adam, as did Israel. Adoption is about the reconciliation of the rebellious.” ~Highlighted by 13 Kindle users

“Adoption was not a divine afterthought. It was in God’s triune mind and heart before the first tick of human history’s clock. Adoption therefore predates the universe itself. Only God and his triune love are “bigger” than adoption.” ~Highlighted by 12 Kindle users

“Just as God redeemed Israel in order that he might adopt them, so also has God redeemed us in order that he might adopt us! Redemption is not the end of God’s work. Adoption as sons is.” ~Highlighted by Kindle users

Believe it or not, I’ve read Reclaiming Adoption on my Kindle, too. Here are a few of my own highlights (at no extra charge to you!):

“Ultimately, adoption gives us the very thing for which we were made—the triune God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As Augustine once prayed, ‘You made us for Yourself, and our heart is restless until it finds its place of rest in You.’ The only alternatives to finding our satisfaction in the triune God are for us to seek our main sense of identity, significance, and rest either in loose living or in what we do religiously (or missionally)—that is, what we do for the poor and marginalized, for those we consider less fortunate than ourselves.” ~Highlighted by this Kindle user

“The gospel begins with the incomparable good news that when the eternally existing God ‘predestined us for adoption through Jesus Christ’ (Ephesians 1:5), God was an impenetrable closed circle of loving communion. No one could get in and no one wanted to get out. Amazingly, God made the pre-temporal decision to adopt us when all that existed was Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” ~Highlighted by this Kindle user

“At the heart of God’s Triune dealings with humanity is the incarnation of the second Person of the Trinity. To neglect this fact—especially when confronted with a ‘frowning providence’—is to set ourselves up for personal and missional paralysis. Our eyes become locked in on ourselves and it becomes nearly impossible to move outward in genuine mission. But even through the greatest trials, the profound reality of the incarnation can overcome our paralysis, empower us to persevere, and move us forward in love to others.” ~Highlighted by this Kindle user

“God’s original intention for humanity—his original intention for us—was that we were to be his beloved sons, his cherished children. As God’s image-bearers, we were created in the beginning to participate in the love that ever flows between God the Father and God the Son, and to participate in that love on the earth as our happy home.” ~Highlighted by this Kindle user

You may purchase a Kindle version of Reclaiming Adoption here.

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