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As God, Jesus is himself the definitive Giver of God’s words. Only God can give God’s words. God’s words originate with God. He decides how they will be given to us or to angels. As man, Jesus is the perfect Receiver of God’s words. Man was created to be the receiver. God gives life and breath. We receive both. God gives love […]

According to John 1:1-3, ultimate reality is not found in a single, solitary person, but in a fellowship of persons. The one who was with God and who also was God is none other than the Son of God, the Beloved of the Father. “All things were made through him, and without him was not […]

A cesspool of wicked and deviant dehumanization of the unborn for the love of Mammon: Planned Parenthood and the Atrocity of Corpse-Selling ( What is at stake is the systemic eradication of the being and nature of the unborn child. Scottish theologian Thomas F. Torrance masterfully deconstructs Planned Parenthood’s hellacious attempt to dehumanize the unborn […]

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