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Stop giving your life to Jesus. Stop it!

by Dan Cruver Published Jun 23, 2015

It’s not unusual for me to meet orphan care advocates, foster care and adoptive parents, and orphan prevention activists who feel burned out. The energy and enthusiasm that once characterized their efforts to advocate for orphaned and vulnerable children has all but evaporated. They are weary and heavy-laden (Matthew 11:28). “It’s not unusual for me […]

“When the eternal Son of God became man, he ushered his infinite, flawless communion with the Father into the depths of our sin, pain, and suffering (see Mark 14:36), not impersonally but in a profoundly personal manner. Jesus’ communion with the Father and the Spirit did not detach or distance him from the brokenness of […]

Anderson Cooper of CNN interviews Angela Tucker (a speaker at T4A this year) about the current use of the word transracial in the media over the last few weeks. Listen to her spot-on take on it. Join Angela Tucker at our November 5-7 conference in Durham, NC.

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Conference 2015

  Question #4: What impact does the belief that God’s adoption of his people is metaphorical have on the way we understand Paul’s language?  Our endeavor to clear the ground for a fresh perspective on the biblical teaching of adoption has led us to engage a series of questions. In answering the first three, we […]

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