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FamilyLife Today did an excellent 2-part interview with Brian Borgman last week. Brian is the author of After They Are Yours: The Grace and Grit of Adoption. Listen to: Part 1 Part 2

What “in the world” is the Apostle Paul doing with the term adoption? Realize it or not, this is a very important question. Stop for a minute and think about how you would answer it… One of our 2011 conference speakers, Tim Chester, recently shared on his blog an excellent answer to the question of […]

When I spoke on “Adoption as Reconciliation and Family Reunification” at T4A’s October 2014 conference, I received a good bit of push back. Most who pushed back believed I had changed positions and weren’t pro-adoption any longer (i.e., pro-adoption: placing fatherless children into families through adoption). Many thought my position was now somewhat anti-adoption. I […]

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Super Early-Bird Registration Now Open

by Dan Cruver Published Mar 9, 2015

Simple action can make a world of difference. Our 2014 conference theme was “Urgency & Complexity: Biblical & Ethical Approaches to the Orphan Crisis.” We needed to engage with just how complex orphan care has become as a global issue. It’s time for simplicity. The reality is that, even though orphan care and adoption are […]

The Other Side Of Adoption

by Dan Cruver Published Mar 4, 2015

David Murray of Head, Heart, Hand reviews Brian Borgman’s After They Are Yours: The Grace And Grit of Adoption. He writes: If you don’t want to cry, don’t read After They Are Yours: The Grace And Grit of Adoption. What a powerfully moving, deeply personal, and transparently realistic story about the challenges of adoption. With the […]

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