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Learn more about this year’s national conference.

*Watch an ever so slightly longer version of Brandon’s video invitation. Learn More About the Conference.

“Why is your mommy White?” Re-Visited

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 23, 2014

*Re-post from June 20, 2012. ”Why is your mommy White?”, a blog post from 2012, has received very significant increase in traffic over the past few days. Although I cannot be absolutely certain, I’m confident the recent events in Ferguson are the primary reason for the blog post’s increased traffic. So, I thought I would re-post […]

You do not need to know an orphan personally to change the life of an orphan for the better. We all know this. We live in a day when it’s never been easier to help someone who lives on the other side of the world—even if that someone is an orphan. Well, believe it or […]

Not counting our emcee (Johnny Carr) and this year’s worship leader (Randall Goodgame), you will hear from 18 different people in our main sessions this year. Six of them will speak for 30 minutes while 12 of them will speak for 10 world-shaping minutes (if you are familiar with TED Talks, you are already familiar with the format we will use) […]

To Our Facebook Friends & Twitter Followers

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 12, 2014

To all our Facebook friends and Twitter followers: Whether or not you are attending our October 17-18 Together for Adoption conference here in Greenville, South Carolina, would you consider helping us spread the word via Twitter and/or Facebook status updates (or, if you have one, even on your blog)? Can’t tell you how much it […]

How to Cut Through the Noise

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 11, 2014

To help you dive deeper into the critical issues surrounding caring for at-risk children, we are excited to offer workshops at this year’s Together for Adoption National Conference that cut through the noise. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17TH Workshops A: 10:30 – 11:30AM Session: A Deeper Look at the Gospel of Adoption as Family Reunification Speaker: Dan Cruver Description: How many of us within the evangelical […]

2014 Conference Buttons

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 10, 2014

Will you help us spread the word about this year’s Together for Adoption conference by using one of our buttons? 260×125: <a href=””><img alt=”t4a-greenville-260-125″ src=”” width=”260″ height=”125″ /></a> 210×165: <a href=””><img alt=”2014 Button” src=”” width=”210″ height=”165″ /></a> 260×260: <a href=””><img src=”×260.jpg” alt=”t4a Greenville 260×260″ width=”260″ height=”260″ /></a> 260×260: <a href=””><img alt=”t4a-Greenville-260″ src=”” width=”260″ height=”260″ /></a> […]

Fundamental Question #2: Is Paul’s Language of Adoption to Be Taken Literally or Metaphorically? By challenging the admixture of the filial and familial language of Paul and John so prevalent in treatments of adoption, we have disentangled John’s  terminology relevant to the new birth from Paul’s germane to the believer’s adoption in Christ. In summary […]

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T4A 2014 Conference Video

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 9, 2014

Join us October 17-18 for Together for Adoption National Conference 2014 in Greenville, SC. Learn more: Note About the Video: The waterfall in the video is a bit more impressive than even we remembered. Sorry about all the noise during the recording. If you think about it, though, the sound of the water does “fit” contextually with […]

I received an email several years ago from a couple that decided to move to Africa in order to bring their children home. So difficult had the adoption process become that they realized the only way to bring their children home was move to Africa—and move they did! What in the world motivated this couple to move across the […]

In addition to his 10 minute general session talk, Dr. Toney Parks is also leading a breakout session during lunch on Saturday, October 18th, on an extremely important and timely subject: parenting African-American children in our post-Ferguson country. Dr. Parks session is entitled: Advice for White Parents of African-American Children in the Post-Ferguson 21st Century. Please […]

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