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Identification Let’s not be put off by the label “metaphorical theology”! The discussion of metaphor can be a lot more interesting than it sounds. Not only does it take us to places rarely considered in either theological or popular studies of adoption, it focuses on the way some of the most graphic images of Scripture […]

For those of you who may be interested, here is the most recent article I had the privilege of writing for Ligonier’s Tabletalk: “Living in the Story” by Dan Cruver.

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Adoption – upside down: part one

by Dan Cruver Published May 23, 2014

*Originally posted at the blog “Copperfight Wood: living in the sacred place.” Blog post entitled, “upside down: part one” by Shannon. I post this article because it needs to be read. If you want to know why I believe it needs to be read, please email me at Email Dan to ask. Excerpt: She […]

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Transitioning I don’t know about you, but I tend to gulp down my food, then take a breather, and then go again. The first stage of the meal is all excited energy, the second a satisfied rest for the purpose of digestion, and the third a readiness to polish off the rest of the meal. […]

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How to face death as a Christian

by Dan Cruver Published May 15, 2014

I’ve found Martin Luther’s thoughts on how to face death as a Christian to be very helpful. You’ll find his comments here on Gal 4:7 in his commentary on Galatians. We are not the heirs of some rich and mighty man, but heirs of God, the almighty Creator of all things. If a person could fully […]

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How should we navigate the drama of life?

by Dan Cruver Published May 14, 2014

“Worshipping God as Savior means that the most significant drama in my life is not what will happen to my marriage, children, possessions, or career, but what will happen to my sin. It means that the most wonderful thing that could ever happen in my life is my salvation. It means that the most wonderful […]

Why is fatherlessness such a tragedy?

by Dan Cruver Published May 13, 2014

*Repost from last year. Do you know the primary reason fatherlessness is an absolute tragedy? It’s because ultimately fatherlessness turns reality into unreality. In John 17, Jesus himself tells us that the Father “loved [him] before the foundation of the world” (v. 24).  And then just two verses later Jesus says that his Father sent him […]

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“To be the objects of God’s love…”

by Dan Cruver Published May 3, 2014

“Christ is the supreme object of the Father’s love and those in Christ share in that never-ending, never-changing love . . . To be the objects of God’s love . . . is to be loved in the same way as and with the same infinite dimension with which the Father loves His only begotten […]

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