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How We Must Talk About Adoption

by Dan Cruver Published Jun 27, 2013

*Alternate title: “How to Talk About Adoption and Change the World at the Same Time” How many of us within the evangelical orphan care and adoption movement talk like this? “In the Bible, adoption is never about taking orphans and making them sons and daughters of God. It’s always about God taking the enslaved and giving them the incomparable freedom of joy-filled sonship in his household.” […]

*Zach Nielsen published this interview with me January 06, 2011, shortly after my book, Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living Through the Rediscovery of Abba Father, was released. The reason I’m reposting this interview is that I think it indirectly speaks to some of the concerns that the critics of evangelical orphan care movement currently have. Zach Nielsen writes: […]

The title of Wired magazine’s June 6, 2013 online article is “BBC’s In the Flesh Is the Thinking Person’s Walking Dead.” In the Flesh is a post-apocalyptic story of life after a zombie outbreak in Ireland. Only in this zombie series, becoming “undead” is not necessarily a death sentence. A group of scientist developed a […]

*In case you missed it, an important T4A newsletter went out yesterday. What Every Christian Ought to Know About Adoption It’s no secret — the evangelical orphan care movement is getting hit hard with intense criticism. Kathryn Joyce’s newly-released book, The Child Catchers, and the recent NPR program on “How Evangelical Christians Are Preaching The New Gospel […]

Father’s and the Fatherless – Part 1

by Jason Kovacs Published Jun 16, 2013

We are in the middle of what many call a movement in the church when it comes to caring for the fatherless. This is really exciting but we can’t forget that it’s only been within the last 3-4 years that things have started to really move. I can’t help but look at the church and […]

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Chartering unknown waters, we’ve understandably sailed cautiously through the history of the doctrine of adoption in the early church. We’ve ventured as far as it’s been safe to go among the Greek Fathers, and have navigated our way through the unclear waters of transition. We’ve arrived here at out brief consideration of the Latin Fathers. Doubtless, the exploration has limited interest […]

Africa, Adoption, and the Western Mindset

by Dan Cruver Published Jun 14, 2013

*I originally blogged this post on December 9, 2010: “International Adoption and the Western Mindset.” Conrad Mbewe, the pastor of Kabwata Reformed Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa, recently returned home from a visit to the United States. While here, he was surprised to learn how popular the adoption of African children has become in […]

Creating a Culture of Adoption in Your Church

by Jason Kovacs Published Jun 12, 2013

Today, around the country, churches of all denominations are taking serious God’s call to care for the fatherless and starting orphan care and adoption ministries. This is very exciting – for the sake of the gospel, for the sake of the millions of children that are waiting for a family, and for these churches! Many […]

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Enjoying the God Who is Love

by Dan Cruver Published Jun 12, 2013

[*Note: You do not need to register for our October 4-5 national conference in order to register for and attend this October 3 pre-conference event in Louisville, KY.] If your life as a Christian has become at all routine or you simply wish to be freshly amazed by the transformative love of the Father for you, […]

Seth Godin and the power of sync

by Dan Cruver Published Jun 11, 2013

While rediscovering Seth Godin’s 2010 blog post, “The power of sync,” I again thought about its relevance to gatherings like our upcoming national conference in Louisville. Why have hundreds of people gather together to explore the grand Story of Redemption for the sake of the fatherless? Because nothing creates sync like the power of God — […]

__________ Six rich general sessions. Fifty tool-gathering workshops. ONE breathtaking Story. __________ Registration for our October 4-5 national conference at Southern Seminary in Louisville is now open! We’d love to have you join us as we explore The Story that Changes Everything—for Us and the Fatherless. Learn more. General Session Topics The Story Gone Wrong (Mike Reeves, author of Delighting in the Trinity) Stories of […]

The Adult Adoptee’s Voice

by Dan Cruver Published Jun 5, 2013

Every adoptive parent I’ve ever met is very interested in listening to adult adoptees reflect upon their adoptive and post-adoptive experience. That interest in one of the primary reasons that I purchased Black Baby White Hands: A View from the Crib 5 years ago. Adoptive parents really want to know better how to love, equip, […]

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