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The Global Orphan Crisis & Christian Identity

by Dan Cruver Published Jan 30, 2013

I have lived long enough to learn from experience that if I am not actively locating my identity in the Gospel, I will locate it somewhere else. If I am not consciously — and, therefore, intentionally — living in light of the grand story of redemption, we will in light of some other story. There […]

Back in July Tabletalk Magazine asked me to contribute a feature column for their February 2013 issue. Here’s the description of the column I was asked to write: This column will focus on the heart of the Christian and his devotion to God, with an emphasis on how this devotion manifests itself in the Christian […]

From Focus on the Family: Right now, more than 550 children and youth in South Carolina foster care are waiting for adoptive families. South Carolina has more than 9,000 churches, and God has given clear commands for Christians to take care of His orphan children. So if the command is clear and the need is […]

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Adoption Nuggets (1): Introducing a New Blog

by Tim J R Trumper Published Jan 24, 2013

Adoption Nuggets: Introducing a New Blog My wife’s introduced me over recent years to chicken nuggets. Naturally I’d heard of them before, but never tried them. Hers was not a difficult persuasion. They’re cheap, my favorite meat, smaller portions less congestive than super-sized burgers and fries, and blessed with different sauces that make the snack a […]

LIVE in the Story Event in Athens, Georgia

by Dan Cruver Published Jan 22, 2013

Together for Adoption is partnering with Chosen for Life Ministries for a March 22-23 theology boot camp in Athens, Georgia called LIVE in the Story. T4A boot camps are intensive two-day events designed for Christians and ministry leaders who desire to journey further into the transformative theology of adoption (i.e., God’s work of adoption within […]

*A repost in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. She asked my son an honest question, and he gave her a surprising answer: ”Noah, why is your mommy White?” As I’ve written about before on this blog, my family is multi-ethnic. Melissa and I are White, our daughter is White, and our two sons are Black. […]

In the Desiring God video below, Sally Lloyd-Jones talks about the power that storytelling has on the minds and hearts of children. It’s very insightful and helpful. Here are a few choice nuggets: “If a child is engaged by a story, then nothing else competes.” “Escaping isn’t a bad thing if you’re escaping into truth, […]

Together for Adoption South Africa

by Dan Cruver Published Jan 10, 2013

We are thrilled to be partnering with 1 Hope Ministries International to host the first Together for Adoption South Africa conference this coming March 1-2 in Pretoria, South Africa. Together for Adoption South Africa exists to promote a deeper appreciation for God’s grace in salvation and to challenge believers to live in ways that magnify God’s grace.  Together, we are […]

Patrick McGoldrick died at at 10:05 PM the day after Christmas. I attended college with Patrick and and his wonderful wife, Dena. Patrick was a soccer player, I played basketball, and Dena cheered for both of our teams. During our respective off seasons, Patrick and I would play pickup basketball together. I loved playing basketball […]

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