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Ministry Spotlight: Every Orphan’s Hope

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 30, 2011

As I consider our quickly approaching conference (just 3 weeks away!), I must say that I am not only very thankful for the speakers God has provided us, but also for the exhibitors. Our aim for this conference has been three-fold: to immerse ourselves in the good news of the Gospel, explore its implications for how […]

A Haitian Tent City

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 29, 2011

Want to stay in a Haitian tent city while you attend our 2011 national conference in Phoenix? Well, here is your opportunity! If the people of Haiti had to sleep on the ground, so would she. Britney Winn, a 2009 graduate of Centenary College of Louisiana, was in Haiti serving at an orphanage when the […]

2 Fields of the Fatherless Giveaways

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 28, 2011

Noel Piper is giving away copies of Tom Davis’ book Fields of the Fatherless over at her blog. Visit Noel’s blog to learn how to enter this giveaway. In addition to making you aware of this giveaway, I wanted to announce a special lunch that Tom Davis and Children’s Hope Chest are sponsoring at our […]

Strong Help for Your Daily Battles

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 27, 2011

Need a good reason to attend our October 21-22 conference in Phoenix? The daily battles we fight as Christians are the result of temptations to live within the smaller stories we are so prone to tell ourselves. These smaller stories are tales that are driven along by gospel-less plots, and they are demonic and demoralizing. […]

Winners of Good Book Company’s 2nd Giveaway

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 26, 2011

Congratulations to our winners of The Good Book Company Giveaway! The winners of Gospel-Centered Family by Tim Chester (a T4A keynote speaker) and Ed Moll are listed below. If you are one of them, send me your street address by using the T4A contact form. Our next Good Book Company giveaway will be October 3-7. AnOrdinaryDad Carolee Bolitho Chris […]

Our 2012 National Conference

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 23, 2011

See where our 2012 national conference will be held. But don’t wait until then to attend one of our conferences. There’s still time to register for our 2011 national conference in Phoenix. It’s just 4 weeks away! Join us this October 21-22 as we consider missional living, the Gospel and orphan care. We won’t load […]

Missionary- Who I Am, Not What I Do

by Dennae Pierre Published Sep 22, 2011

“Mission is not just one more task of God’s people, but it is our very identity: we are sent with the good news to embody in our lives, demonstrate with our deeds, and announce with our words God’s end time salvation. This defines the meaning of our entire lives.” –Michael Goheen Participating in God’s mission […]

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Jesus is even better than you can imagine!

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 22, 2011

Dave Bish recently had a wonderful chat with Mike Reeves, UCCF‘s Head of Theology in the UK. I’ve watched this video twice within the last hour. I’ve been so encouraged by it that I had to share it with you. Jesus is even better than we can imagine! (Note: Shot on a campsite, hence the […]

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Wonderful food for the soul from Dave Bish: Can you believe you’re a son? Being sons of the Father is the best news, yet people struggle to believe it. Why do you think that is – for you, for others? “they did not listen to Moses, because of their broken spirit and harsh slavery.” (Exodus 6:9 […]

The Multi-Ethnicity of ‘Abba! Father!’

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 21, 2011

“And because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, crying, ‘Abba! Father!’” (Galatians 4:6) The first person who ever called me “Daddy” was my daughter, Hannah. I can still remember what it felt like as a new father to hear that word come from her young little lips. […]

Together for what?

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 20, 2011

If you are wondering if our October 21-22 conference in Phoenix is right for you, read this brief article. Our conferences are not primarily about adopting children. Many people see the word adoption in Together for Adoption and think it’s referring to the adoption of children into homes. So, when they read or hear about our […]

Our Second Free Book Giveaway

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 19, 2011

The Good Book Company (one of our conference exhibitors) is graciously partnering with us to do three book-giveaways over the next several weeks. If you enjoy reading and are always on the lookout for gospel-saturated books, this is a giveaway in which you’ll want to participate. The Good Book Company has a ton of gospel-saturated […]

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