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Register Now for Super Early Bird Special

by Dan Cruver Published Jul 29, 2011

Only 2 days left to take advantage of our super early bird special. This discounted rate ends Saturday at midnight. Get the super early bird special here. Join us in Phoenix as we consider Missional Living, the Gospel, and Orphan Care. Check out our conference page for details.

Orphan Sunday Campaign is LIVE!

by Dan Cruver Published Jul 28, 2011

Last year, more than 250,000 Christians joined in local Orphan Sunday events.  The Orphan Sunday movement is strong evidence that God is awakening us to our gospel-motivated calling to care for the fatherless. Orphan Sunday is your opportunity to celebrate God’s heart for the orphan in your church and family.  Grow a vision for adoption, foster and global orphan care…as part of a global […]

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Pure Religion Adoption & Orphan Conference

by Dan Cruver Published Jul 27, 2011

Do you desire a deeper understanding of the Gospel and to grow in your love for the God who adopted you? Do you desire a deeper understanding of God’s heart for the fatherless? Let me invite you to join Tony Merida, Geoff Moore, Stephen Davey, Sean Cordell, and me August 12-13 in Raleigh (NC) for the Pure […]

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The Message of Sonship

by Dan Cruver Published Jul 26, 2011

I asked one of my friends in the UK, Dave Bish, if he would review Trevor Burke’s soon-to-be-released book The Message of Sonship. You’ll find his excellent review below. Dave is Team Leader with the Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship in the UK and blogger at Read Dave’s helpful pre-release review of Trevor Burke’s new […]

T4A Conference 2011 Super Early Bird Special

by Dan Cruver Published Jul 25, 2011

Online Ticketing for T4A Conference 2011 Super Early Bird Special powered by Eventbrite

Kristen Welch (WeAreThatFamily) and Woodlands Point Community Church (Houston, TX) are hosting a Together for Adoption House Conference tonight. Join us online tonight at 9:00 PM EST as we live-stream this unique event at our Together for Adoption channel. Using our 20-20-20 house conference format, here is what tonight will look like: 20 minutes […]

In You the Orphan Finds Mercy

by Dave Cruver Published Jul 21, 2011

“In God the orphan finds mercy” is such a comforting thought. There is great hope for the orphan. The book of Hosea, in which this statement is made, is a plea for Israel to repent from being unfaithful to God. Hosea describes this unfaithfulness in various ways — a promiscuous wife, an illegitimate child, an […]

If you are looking for a resource that contains numerous quotations about our adoption in Christ, check out our free study guide to Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living Through the Rediscovery of Abba Father. It’s loaded with rich, faith-building quotations about God’s grace to us in Adoption. Each chapter in the guide concludes with some of […]

Conference Poster and Flyer are Now Available!

by Dan Cruver Published Jul 15, 2011

The poster for our national conference is now available! If you would like a hi-resolution version of the poster, send an email to to request it. Also, if you wish to download the flyer version of our poster, there is a link beneath the image below where you can download it. Download our conference […]

This is unspeakably good news for prodigals (i.e., sinners): The Son of God who became man did not nor does he monopolize his relationship with the Father. Being God, and therefore being in the beginning with God, he had every right to hold us at a distance with his almighty arm. But, stunningly, the Father, […]

Rocks: It’s all I Can Offer

by Dennae Pierre Published Jul 13, 2011

“Mommy!” my 6 year old daughter, Mya, said as she ran toward me with a giant smile on her face. “Mommy! Mommy! I have a present for you!” I bent down and she placed a seashell in my hand. “Isn’t it beautiful?!” My daughter is often captivated by beauty. Almost everyday she points out a […]

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That’s become one of the pressing question of the 21st century, at least in modern evangelicalism. Truck loads of ink have been spilt in attempts to answer this question and the blood pressure of many has risen as discussions, sometime heated ones, have ensued. “And,” you may wonder, “what’s Gospel-centeredness have to do with adoption?” […]

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