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by Dennae Pierre Published Apr 28, 2011

When it comes to our adoption as sons and daughters of God (vertical adoption), the example of an earthly (horizontal) adoption hardly does justice to our heavenly adoption. When we hear the word “adoption” we think of scrawny, starving children in Africa who are now in America with loving parents who meet their needs. Or […]

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Loving Children When They’re Unlovable

by Dennae Pierre Published Apr 26, 2011

I talked to a foster parent recently who was explaining how she doesn’t know how you can get through foster care without first tasting the love of Christ. There is so much truth to that statement! Of course, we can be thankful for evidences of God’s common grace in enabling people who are not Christians […]

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Reclaiming Adoption is now in Amharic

by Dan Cruver Published Apr 22, 2011

The translation of Reclaiming Adoption into Amharic is now complete and has been sent off for printing (sample page below)! We are eager to see how God uses this book to equip 250 Ethiopian pastors as part of Seed Adoption‘s efforts to train Ethiopian pastors of evangelical churches from across Ethiopia this coming June. Would […]

When Life is Hard: Adoption Matters!

by Dennae Pierre Published Apr 21, 2011

A complaint I often hear when I counsel women is that their life is hard. Sometimes it is in relation to foster care or adoption. Often it is their marriage or their children. Perhaps it is difficulty with their job, their boss, their mother-in-law. Or it could be physical illness, infertility, exhaustion, singleness, business, depression, […]

focus: Haiti

by Dan Cruver Published Apr 15, 2011

Please pray for the World Orphans‘ team that will be serving in Haiti April 25-30 to provide 5 days of training for over 100 Haitian church leaders (click on the image below to learn more about this trip). To kick off this week of training, I will teach on our adoption in Christ for 5 1/2 […]

my adoption story

by Dennae Pierre Published Apr 14, 2011

I have been asked many times how I can love my “adopted” children the same as my “biological” child. (side note: There are some problems with that question, but I will leave that for a future post.) But I cannot answer that question without first reflecting on my own adoption story: I horribly offended God […]

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The Gospel’s Astonishing Good News

by Dan Cruver Published Apr 13, 2011

Read my guest post over at Zach Neilsen’s blog. I write on “The Gospel’s Astonishing Good News.”

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Spilling Your Guts: A Privilege of Adoption

by Dennae Pierre Published Apr 13, 2011

“Our responsibility is therefore to lay aside all our anxieties and bring them to our father. Being assured of his care, leave them with him.” -Sinclair Ferguson (The Christian Life) Marcel came home from school one day last month upset and grumpy. As I questioned him about his day, he grumbled that he did not […]

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Love has ALREADY Won

by Dan Cruver Published Apr 11, 2011

Well, I jumped into the Rob Bell discussion (from a little different perspective). You can read my thoughts over at Zach Nielsen’s blog.

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Welcome Dennae Pierre to the T4A Team

by Dan Cruver Published Apr 9, 2011

Please welcome Dennae Pierre to the T4A team! We are thrilled to serve with her at Together for Adoption for the sake of orphaned and vulnerable children everywhere. If you haven’t yet read her first two posts, let me encourage you to do so now: Adopted and Feeling Like an Orphan, But I’m Not. I […]

Feeling Like an Orphan, But I’m Not

by Dennae Pierre Published Apr 7, 2011

The beautiful thing about adoption is that it is permanent. Unchangeable. Forever. It has nothing to do with the child’s behavior, abilities, perceptions, strengths, weaknesses. It has EVERYTHING to do with the parent. A majority of the time, our children fully embrace the reality of being our son and daughter. They have consumed our family […]

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[See below for an explanation of this unique video trailer] Seed Adoption – Ethiopia Project from Wiseacre Short Films on Vimeo. Growing an indigenous adoption movement within other countries is one of our primary T4A passions. We’ve been abel to witness God moving within the global church to see growth of a vital movement like […]

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