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T4A Conference Church-Group Discount

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 31, 2010

Join Woodlands Point Community Church’s group of 27 people and many other church groups who will be attending our upcoming conference in Austin, TX. You won’t find a better opportunity for a group from your church to consider together “The Gospel, the Church, and the Global Orphan Crisis.” Our church discount is $69 per person […]

Small Churches Doing Orphan Care

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 26, 2010

Check out my article on “Small Churches Doing Orphan Care” over at Here’s an excerpt: I have actually found that smaller churches are often more effective in caring for orphans before a watching world than larger churches are. In larger churches orphan care can simply become one ministry among many, many others. But in […]

Last Week for Early Bird Registration!

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 25, 2010

There is just one week left to register for our National Conference’s early bird rate of $79. Over 500 people have already registered! So, if you plan on attending, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of our early bird rate. Our breakout sessions are filling up quickly as well. Quite a few […]

What Adoption Does Not Do

by Johnny Carr Published Aug 25, 2010

[Guest post by Johnny Carr, National Director of Church Partnerships for Bethany Christian Services] I love to tell our adoption story when I preach. During the sermon, I show pictures taken within the first few hours of James meeting us. One shows me and James laughing heartily together. Another shows him taking a nap with […]

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In my last post I mentioned the movement for adoption happening in the Ukraine and Russia. Let me introduce you to more of the story. What is happening here blows me away! Don’t miss the video below. A Home for Every Orphan is a partnership between ten Ukrainian, Russian and American Christian orphancare organizations who […]

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Praying for Movements of Indigenous Adoption

by Jason Kovacs Published Aug 20, 2010

In a earlier post this year I wrote about the growing burden to see the global church grasp their responsibility for the orphan. I believe more than ever that along with inter-country adoption, the only viable and biblical solution to the global orphan crisis is for a movement of indigenous, in-country adoption. I have been […]

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Orphan Care Ministry in Sweden

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 19, 2010

Earlier this week I received a very encouraging email from one of our Swedish Christian brothers. Mattias Abom leads Sweden’s first orphan care and adoption ministry. His passion and objective is to mobilize the body of Christ in Sweden to care for orphans, to teach and challenge Sweden’s Christians and churches to commit themselves to […]

Free Books for Pastors at Conference 2010

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 16, 2010

It’s a given: pastors love free books. Pastors and books belong together. Just ask the Apostle Paul. If you are a pastor who has registered for our upcoming conference, we’d like to give you a free copy of each of the books listed below. To receive your free copies you must be one of the […]

Don’t Miss Our National Conference!

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 12, 2010

We are just 7 weeks away from our 2010 national conference in Austin, TX. Registrations our up 300 percent from last year’s conference! It’s been exciting to see what God has been doing to bring this event together. Don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to consider in depth our conference theme: “The Gospel, the […]

Defending Orphans as Christian Nurture

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 11, 2010

Toby Sumpter wrote a very helpful post about Walter Brueggemann’s insight into the connection between nurturing our children and defending the fatherless. Here’s the Brueggemann quotation that Toby writes about: “The ultimate content of family nurture in this tradition is in order that our own children in faith have front and center in their vision […]

Darrin Patrick’s Invitation to T4A 2010

by Jason Kovacs Published Aug 9, 2010

Darrin Patrick, lead pastor of The Journey in St. Louis & Vice President of Acts29, invites pastors, couples, singles, seminary and college students to this years conference. He will also share a message at the conference by video. Saint Fults, member at The Journey and Quality Improvement Specialist for the State of Missouri Children’s Division, will […]

Adoptionology for Kenyan & Ethiopian Pastors

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 7, 2010

Our good friends at World Orphans gave me the opportunity to put together a brief document that introduces the theology of adoption. It will be used as part of their equipping of national pastors in Kenya and Ethiopia to start. Click on the image below to read or download this two-page article.

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