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Our Future’s Impact Upon Our Present

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 30, 2009

I have been pondering the following questions quite a lot over the last several weeks: If what Randy Alcorn writes below is true (and it is true!), what sort of people ought we in the church be as we address the global orphan crisis? How should the truth of the finalization of our adoption and […]

“Do not talk nonsense, you are My child!”

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 29, 2009

May this quotation from Martyn Lloyd-Jones encourage you as it has encouraged me: “My relationship to God is not a variable one. The case is not that I am a child of God, and then again not a child of God. That is not the basis of my standing, that is not the position. When […]

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Jay and Diana Cherry are friends of mine who recently moved to Haiti to serve in a church-based orphanage (see pictures of their work). Both of them have been blogging about their experiences. Each time I read one of their posts I’m freshly encouraged in Jesus. Jay’s post today about what Haitians can teach us […]

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For those of you who live near Augusta, Georgia, Warren Baptist Church’s Reaching Hands Adoption Ministry is hosting an adoption celebration and benefit auction on November 19th from 6-9:30.  This is their second annual event.  Last year over 300 people attended and more than $22,000 was raised.  All funds raised provide grants for Christian families who […]

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What role should the church play in addressing the global orphan crisis? That’s the question I’m answering in today’s post. As I argued in parts one and two of this series, vertical adoption will ultimately do what horizontal adoption cannot do, namely, solve the global orphan crisis. Horizontal adoption provides families for children who have […]

It’s exciting to see more and more churches seeking to equip their people in the areas of adoption, foster care, and orphan care because God’s heart for the orphan is most clearly seen through the James 1:27 ministry of the church. If you live near Knoxville, Tennessee, you’ll want to consider attending Cornerstone Church of […]

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Orphan Care is Gospel Reenactment

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 23, 2009

When we were on the outside without hope and home, Jesus brought us into his family (Ephesians 2:12-13, 19). What Jesus did for us is the Gospel. Today there are millions of orphans in the world without hope and home. When we give orphans hope, when we bring orphans into our families, we reenact the […]

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Serving Orphans Out of Joy in the Gospel

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 22, 2009

From our new e-book, Our Adoption in Christ: What It Means for Us and for Orphans: “The only people who are truly able to turn their eyes outward to care for the world’s most needy are those who knowingly live within and enjoy the loving gaze of their heavenly Father. If we are not confident of […]

My intention in part two of this series was to consider the church’s role in God’s work to put the world to rights by adoption through Jesus Christ. But in response to part one of this series a comment was made yesterday about the relationship between vertical adoption and horizontal adoption that I thought deserved to be addressed […]

Full disclosure: the title of this post is a trick question. One of the comments I received from our October 2-3 conference was that our ministry’s name, Together for Adoption, is too narrow in its focus. The concern is that the word “adoption” doesn’t speak directly to the issue of foster care, nor does it […]

Together for Adoption Slideshow

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 19, 2009

Andrea Young, our official Conference 2009 photographer, put an excellent conference slideshow together.

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On Transracial Adoption

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 16, 2009

Justin Taylor writes: Following up on my post about the Justice of the Peace who refused a marriage license to an interracial couple due to the harm he thinks it would bring to their children, I thought the following–from an article I wrote for Modern Reformation–might be relevant to the discussion: We don’t regard our […]

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