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New Music by Stephen Miller

by Dan Cruver Published Jan 18, 2012

If you were encouraged by Stephen Miller’s family’s adoption story (video below), you will certainly enjoy picking up Stephen’s new CD: God & Sinner Reconcile. You may purchase it now on iTunes. Check it out!

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That’s a question I am occasionally asked when people see the T4A speaker lineup, and it’s a question I love to be asked, too. “What qualifies a person to advocate for orphans in a public setting?” is how the question is usually asked. My standard answer is, “Well, he/she is a Christian. God has called […]

The Prodigal

by Dan Cruver Published May 6, 2010

Powerful animated video based on the story of the prodigal. Through Jesus Christ God made us, who were once prodigals, His sons and daughters. Here are the lyrics: You held out Your arms, I walked away Insolent I spurned Your face Squandering the gifts You gave to me Holding close forbidden things Destitute a rebel […]

Lespwa Worldwide is a nonprofit organization started by a group of college students who, gripped by the gospel, longed to care for the children of Haiti. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know the founders of Lespwa Worldwide. Pray for them as they serve Haiti’s orphans in the aftermath of the earthquake. Lespwa from […]

A Cry for Hope, A Cry for Peace

by Dan Cruver Published Dec 18, 2009

I discovered this moving music video at Harmony of Hearts, a ministry that serves Christ, his Church, and the poorest of poor through worship and music. Since I was thinking about Jesus as the great Servant of the poor when I watched it, I found the 2:32 minute mark unusually powerful. It brought me to […]

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