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Together for Adoption Interview

by Dan Cruver Published Dec 18, 2012

This past weekend I stumbled upon a brief video interview I did back in 2011 in Phoenix. I completely forgot about this interview until I saw it for the first time on Saturday. It’s just 1 minute and 39 seconds long and gives a good summary of T4A’s mission.

Conference Audio is Now Available!

by Dan Cruver Published Nov 30, 2011

Audio from our 2011 conference in Phoenix is now being made available for free download. We will be adding quite a few more sessions over the next several days. Take advantage of these free audio resources and help us spread the word about them.

Here I sit on my bed in Melbourne, Australia at 4:00am in the morning. Neither my body or mind will let me sleep any longer. Oh, and it is already Wednesday where I am. The time (4:00am) and the day (Wednesday) got me to thinking about God my Father. If you’re reading this blog post […]

The Gospel and Trans-racial Adoption

by Dan Cruver Published Nov 4, 2011

Dennea Pierre did a great job summarizing her husband’s breakout session on the Gospel and trans-racial adoption. Vermon’s breakout session was the only one I was able to attend at our conference in Phoenix, and I am so glad I did. It was fantastic. Vermon Pierre is the lead pastor of Roosevelt Community Church, a […]

Pictures from T4A Phoenix

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 31, 2011

Our 4th annual national conference was this past October 21-22 in Phoenix. We are so very grateful for all that Redemption Church provided for the conference. It was a pleasure to serve with Redemption Church’s staff. They were fantastic. The following pictures were taken by Ted Willis:

This is one of the videos that was created specifically for our national conference in Phoenix. It is a compelling and powerful story about the Gospel at work in Stewart family’s adoption journey (Michael Stewart is the Founder/Director of Verge Network & Conference and Pastor of Missional Communities at Austin Stone). Video was created by […]

adoption around the blogosphere…

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 26, 2011

What are bloggers saying about what God did in Phoenix last weekend at the Together for Adoption Conference? Here are several posts written by non-T4A featured bloggers. When Everything Changes toll for thee Waiting Well Gathered From Afar Tanna Clark My Time, God’s Timing Also, Steve McCoy put together an almost comprehensive listing of post […]

Heart for Adoption

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 25, 2011

This excellent video was shown at the conclusion of Darrin Patrick’s sermon at our T4A conference in Phoenix.

This is one of the videos we showed at our October 21-22 conference in Phoenix. Video was created by Eric Lee (Lead Designer at Squeegee Creative Consulting) and Phillip Glickman ( Both Eric and Phillip traveled with us to Haiti.

If you are not able to attend T4A 2011 Phoenix October 21-22, let me encourage you to follow our featured live-bloggers. As Noel Piper has written about our live-blogger team, “with so many of us, there’ll be impressions, thoughts, reactions, responses from lots of different perspectives.” There will be a lot of strong encouragement and […]

Every Orphan’s Hope is Jesus Christ

by Jason Kovacs Published Oct 20, 2011

That is how Every Orphans Hope, captures their mission. They describe on their site – “We are called to address the overwhelming impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic first by bringing the life-giving truth of Jesus Christ into the lives of orphans who have lost everything. Once these children know Jesus Christ, the impossible becomes possible. […]

At 69 years of age, Mzee Miriti struggles to care for his three grandchildren by himself. Finding adequate water, food and clothing are daily struggles for this family. Food for the Hungry recognizes the importance of the community members serving and working together to solve their own problems. They are learning that serving others is […]

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