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Below is the first installment of audio from our 2015 conference from this past November. We’ll be adding much more free audio from the conference over the next week, including audio from Brandon Hatmaker, J.D. Greear, Angela Tucker, John Sowers, Dr. Sharen Ford, Tony Merida, Susan Heath Hays, Chris Marlow, Tara Vanderwoude, Sara Brinton, Nemili Johnson, Johnston […]

As God, Jesus is himself the definitive Giver of God’s words. Only God can give God’s words. God’s words originate with God. He decides how they will be given to us or to angels. As man, Jesus is the perfect Receiver of God’s words. Man was created to be the receiver. God gives life and breath. We receive both. God gives love […]

Stop giving your life to Jesus. Stop it!

by Dan Cruver Published Jun 23, 2015

It’s not unusual for me to meet orphan care advocates, foster care and adoptive parents, and orphan prevention activists who feel burned out. The energy and enthusiasm that once characterized their efforts to advocate for orphaned and vulnerable children has all but evaporated. They are weary and heavy-laden (Matthew 11:28). “It’s not unusual for me […]

Simple. Jesus didn’t swing for home runs.

by Dan Cruver Published May 15, 2015

Jesus didn’t try to change the world in a day. He didn’t even swing for home runs every time he stood at the plate to perform miracles. From what we can tell from the four New Testament Gospels, Jesus didn’t wake up every morning thinking, “What’s the big thing I can do today to solve […]

Orphan Care as Protest and Resistance

by Dan Cruver Published Apr 2, 2015

Given the ever present complexity and systemic challenges of the global orphan crisis, how do we keep laboring for orphan prevention, orphan care, and family reunification when we see so little substantial change happening? In his book Rejoicing in Lament, J. Todd Billings offers this perspective: what if we viewed our continued efforts as protest […]

Imagine how a child in an orphanage would feel if she were adopted reunited with her impoverished mother (now economically stable) instead of placed in a new family… Note: Theologically, adoption is both (1) placement in the family of God and (2) reconciliation and reunification. We’re not looking for a complete paradigm change away from […]

*Click the image below to “Flip the Script” with Alex Krutov, from St. Petersburg, Russia.

How to Cut Through the Noise

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 11, 2014

To help you dive deeper into the critical issues surrounding caring for at-risk children, we are excited to offer workshops at this year’s Together for Adoption National Conference that cut through the noise. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17TH Workshops A: 10:30 – 11:30AM Session: A Deeper Look at the Gospel of Adoption as Family Reunification Speaker: Dan Cruver Description: How many of us within the evangelical […]

10 Minutes to Shape the World

by Dan Cruver Published Aug 27, 2014

*See the image at the bottom of this post. We may not usually be consciously aware of the power of our words or the words others speak, but if we stop to think about it, we know that our words can change the way others think and live. Our words have the power to create new situations. […]

Our Lives Re-Written

by Dan Cruver Published Jan 21, 2014

If you haven’t already, let me encourage you to listen to second sermon (“Our Lives Re-Written”) that Mike Reeves preached at our 2013 national conference at Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. He does a masterful job of connecting the love of the Father for His Son to the believer’s compassion for orphaned and vulnerable children. […]

When love embraces brokenness

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 24, 2013

I think this is the best blog post I’ve read in 2013. If you want to read a story of what it can look like when love truly embraces the brokenness of abandoned children, told by one of those abandoned children, you need to read this post. It tells of a beauty that does not […]

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Why is fatherlessness such a tragedy?

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 11, 2013

Do you know the primary reason fatherlessness is an absolute tragedy? It’s because ultimately fatherlessness turns reality into unreality. In John 17, Jesus himself tells us that the Father “loved [him] before the foundation of the world” (v. 24).  And then just two verses later Jesus says that his Father sent him into the world so […]

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