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T4A Conference At-A-Glance

by Dan Cruver Published Dec 7, 2009

Here are some pictures from our October 2-3 conference at Christ Community Church (Franklin, TN). Click on the images below to enlarge. Pictures were taken by Georgia Lane Photography.

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Conference 2009

Full disclosure: the title of this post is a trick question. One of the comments I received from our October 2-3 conference was that our ministry’s name, Together for Adoption, is too narrow in its focus. The concern is that the word “adoption” doesn’t speak directly to the issue of foster care, nor does it […]

Together for Adoption Slideshow

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 19, 2009

Andrea Young, our official Conference 2009 photographer, put an excellent conference slideshow together.

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Conference 2009

Conference 2009 Booklet

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 8, 2009

If you were not able to attend Conference 2009 this past weekend, click on the image below to check out our conference booklet. It will provide you with the opportunity to learn a little about each of our conference exhibitors.

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Conference 2009

T4A Conference 2009 Audio

by Jason Kovacs Published Oct 6, 2009

Audio of the main sessions from our Together for Adoption Conference 2009, Oct 2-3rd, at Christ Community Church, Franklin, TN. Dan Cruver, Adoption: Making Outsiders Insiders Scotty Smith, The Freedom of Adoption Scott Roley, Adoption and the Pursuit of Racial Reconciliation Ed Stetzer, The Gospel, Social Justice and the Missional Church Michael Easley, Orphan Care […]

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Conference 2009

Conference 2009 Highlights

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 5, 2009

God brought over 600 people together this past weekend so that Jesus could be made much of for the sake of orphans all over the world. There is no way to estimate the number of orphans that will be served in the name of Jesus because of what took place on October 2-3 at Christ […]

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Zach Nielsen’s General Session Summaries

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 3, 2009

We were very grateful to have Zach Nielsen live-blog our conference this weekend. Zach did a wonderful job of capturing the substance of each general session. Here are his session summaries as well some brief video interviews: Session One – Adoption: Outsiders Made Insiders Session Two – The Freedoms of Adoption, Scotty Smith Session Three […]

Conference is LIVE

by Jason Kovacs Published Oct 2, 2009

Join us live this weekend. Click here for the schedule. All times are CST. Check out the stream channel.

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Conference 2009

Need Directions to the Conference?

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 30, 2009

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Conference 2009 and True Religion

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 28, 2009

According to James 1:26-27, there are three aspects of True Religion: Bridling the tongue (v. 26) Visiting orphans and widows in their affliction (v. 27) Keeping oneself unstained from the world (v. 27) One of the main questions I will be answering in the opening session of Conference 2009 is “What happens when we focus […]

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Conference 2009

Video about World Music Mission

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 26, 2009

Check out this video with Scotty Smith, Kurt Coble, and Brent Cundall as they talk about World Music Mission‘s October 1st concert. This is an event that I am very excited about. The family that God is forming through adoption is a multi-ethnic family. God is adopting people from every tongue and nation, and His […]

Our Live-Blogger: Zach Nielsen

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 25, 2009

Several months ago we asked Zach Nielsen if he would consider live-blogging Conference 2009. We asked him not only because he’s an excellent blogger but also (mainly) because he’s a gospel-centered adoption advocate. Over a year ago I asked Zach how he thought the gospel should influence the decision to adopt. His answer will show […]

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