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Orphan Care as Protest and Resistance

by Dan Cruver Published Apr 2, 2015

Given the ever present complexity and systemic challenges of the global orphan crisis, how do we keep laboring for orphan prevention, orphan care, and family reunification when we see so little substantial change happening? In his book Rejoicing in Lament, J. Todd Billings offers this perspective: what if we viewed our continued efforts as protest […]

What “in the world” is the Apostle Paul doing with the term adoption? Realize it or not, this is a very important question. Stop for a minute and think about how you would answer it… One of our 2011 conference speakers, Tim Chester, recently shared on his blog an excellent answer to the question of […]

The Good. The Bad. The Beautiful.

by Dan Cruver Published Feb 18, 2015

“At a time in history when so much attention is rightly focussed on the child, and all that children suffer—from war, poverty, abuse, and loss of family—it comes as glorious good news that God does not leave us as desolate orphans (Jn. 14:18) but promises…through the Spirit, a home to dwell in of true belonging […]

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*John Sowers’ personal invitation to join him October 17-18 in Greenville, SC. This year’s Together for Adoption conference will give you a handle on the global orphan crisis and the primary issues with which we should be concerned. Never before have we had this many experts join us for a conference (see here, here, and […]

How to face death as a Christian

by Dan Cruver Published May 15, 2014

I’ve found Martin Luther’s thoughts on how to face death as a Christian to be very helpful. You’ll find his comments here on Gal 4:7 in his commentary on Galatians. We are not the heirs of some rich and mighty man, but heirs of God, the almighty Creator of all things. If a person could fully […]

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How should we navigate the drama of life?

by Dan Cruver Published May 14, 2014

“Worshipping God as Savior means that the most significant drama in my life is not what will happen to my marriage, children, possessions, or career, but what will happen to my sin. It means that the most wonderful thing that could ever happen in my life is my salvation. It means that the most wonderful […]

“To be the objects of God’s love…”

by Dan Cruver Published May 3, 2014

“Christ is the supreme object of the Father’s love and those in Christ share in that never-ending, never-changing love . . . To be the objects of God’s love . . . is to be loved in the same way as and with the same infinite dimension with which the Father loves His only begotten […]

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How Jesus’ heart is always toward you

by Dan Cruver Published Oct 9, 2013

Need some heart-winning good news this Wednesday morning? In the forward he wrote for Thomas Goodwin’s The Heart of Christ, Mike Reeves writes: In John 13 . . . knowing that he was shortly to return to his Father, Jesus washed his disciples’ feet as a token of how he would always be towards them; […]

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Good News: Never Alone Again

by Dan Cruver Published Sep 13, 2013

Never Alone Again The Son, who was sent forth to redeem us so that we might receive adoption as sons, is none other than the One who not only eternally enjoyed communion with the Father but also fulfilled all the Father’s will. The Son who was sent is a member of the Trinity that has been, is, and […]

“Through the coming of Jesus Christ into the world as the only begotten Son loved by the Father, the Love which flows eternally between the Father and the Son in the Holy Trinity has moved outward to bear upon us in history and is made known to us above all in the sacrificial love of […]

The Good News of Christmas

by Dan Cruver Published Dec 13, 2012

“When [God the] Son became incarnate, communion with God became incarnate, and with his incarnation perfect obedience permanently entered the human race in him. In the incarnate Son, communion with the Father and perfect obedience to his holy will finally burst into the far country of our alienation from the Father. Through the incarnation, Jesus […]

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